New update: Holiday slave

August 20th, 2019

How to use your slave on Holidays!

Girl survives rabies.

August 20th, 2019

Don’t pet stray cats/dogs.

New Update: “Whips And Kisses”

August 14th, 2019

New Update!

New Video Update: “Plaything”.

August 5th, 2019

Erika Jayne

August 5th, 2019

What is it about the sexually liberated Woman that entices, yet scares people so much?

Obviously, the power of sex is strong—perhaps the strongest force in humans, and in so being, one of the strongest forces on Earth.

Since the dawn of Eve, the vivacious and sensually powerful Woman has been sought through the compulsions of natural desires.

And yet, one who has any understanding of the human mind and the way it has long operated, will concede to the reality that humans are also at war and conflict with this power.

In today’s “woke” age, it is pathetic that Women’s sexuality is still demonized, oppressed, defined, and stigmatized.

But what a breath of fresh air: Erika Jayne breaks through this uptight conservatism and prudishness of malignant patriarchal obsessive control, an obsession that seeks to limit and mute the power and influence of the Female sex.

She owns Her sensuality and make no apologies about it!

The “Furry” Phenomenon: Characterizing Sexual Orientation, Sexual Motivation, and Erotic Target Identity Inversions in Male Furries.

August 4th, 2019

The interesting origin of a “furry” fetish.

The “Furry” Phenomenon.

New Audio/Pics Update: Explosive Personality Disorder and Corner Time

July 27th, 2019

New Update: Explosive Personality Disorder, Slavery and Corner Time!

Have a nice weekend 🙂

Misunderstood: The Unconventional World of Autogynephiles

July 17th, 2019

When our sexual tastes aren’t perfectly aligned with what society allows us to enjoy, the bar of difficulty in finding someone to love, and one that will be receptive to that love, rises substantially higher. There are some men who, despite their sexual orientations, enjoy imitating Women, and this act of transformation is self-arousing. Men with this form of cross-dressing fetish engage in what is called “autogynephilia,” and it’s one of the hardest things they endure in the attempt to be accepted in intimate relationships. Autogynephilia’s Greek translation is “love of oneself as a Woman,” and is a term coined in 1989 by Dr. Raymond Blanchard to refer to a man’s tendency to be sexually aroused by the image of himself as a Woman.

We live in a world that is widely sensational and ill-informed, and because of this, a great deal of ignorance exists regarding men with these preferences. The first (and perhaps most obvious) misconception is that such men must be homosexual.  The simple fact of a male finding arousal in seeing himself as a Female doesn’t necessarily mean he’s sexually oriented toward males: many are heterosexual and still desire a relationship with a Woman. Therein lies the rub: a man coming to terms with this reality often finds himself severely stereotyped. If he’s too open about it— there will likely be a price paid for that openness, and one that will, in all likelihood, be paid through distress, isolation, and depression. Because of this, he’ll usually retreat into the security of conventional relationships and sanctioned sexual expressions allotted to his sex, or the auspices of these things, in the very least. He’ll marry a Woman and secret away his underlying urges under the naive yet prevailing logic that he can hide it all. But as Phillip K. Dick once wrote, Reality denied comes back to haunt. What is pushed underground eventually finds its way up into in the picturesque world of normalcy, slowly infecting its waters with angst and frustration. Perhaps a man in this situation thinks he can vent his desires secretly beyond the knowledge of his Wife, but this is a fool’s errand: sooner or later, the Wife, having lived with him under the terminal assumption of his normalcy, discovers the truth. His secrets are often not well understood or accepted especially when found out this way. In fact, the truth of his entire person may very well come under question, and She’s justified in that, if he’s conspired to hide something so important to him from Her knowledge. 

But this is often how it goes. Often, autogynephiles are stereotyped. Most think they are all the same: that they are perverts, predators, inverted misogynists, or just generally unwell—but this is far from the truth. Some do project a sort of inner misogyny as sometimes seen in the FemDom world. But many have a genuine love for Women and honor them. And so it’s not so smart to paint all men who enjoy seeing themselves as Women as negative: as with most things in life, there is a variety of different types, with different motives and dispositions. 

Having been served by such men before, I’ve decided to open My arms to one more again. I’m looking for a male who eroticizes femininity as a part of who he is, though he is not defined by this fetish. He must have a deep love and respect for Women and wishes to enter into a Female-led relationship: with one Woman, long-term. But I’m not looking simply for a fetishist. I want to make that crystal clear. I’m not the type of Woman who offers “sessions” by the hour, nor do I ever open My door to excessive prurience. I’m not into debauchery and cuckholding/swingers type of entertainment. I’m looking for a man who will adore Me and who wants a real relationship with a Woman. He needs to be healthy of mind and body, not weighed down with narcissism. Autogynephiles can be very self-absorbed; you must be different. You must understand what mature love is and how it differs from needy love.

In short, I want a full, broadband human being, not one who sees Me as some sort of one-dimensional image before which he unloads his fetishes. Further, he is at peace with himself, not taxed by “dysphoria” or delusional notions that he is a woman. His penchant to reflect Feminine forms within himself neither invalidates nor encroaches upon his respect for Women. 

Compatibility is important too— just as it is in all other types of relationships. He understands that relationships are forged in chemistry. Mutual priorities and similar likings alone are not enough to sustain a relationship, though. Centering the relationship around the man’s fetish also isn’t what I’m wanting to do. This union will be about serving Me as the true embodiment of the Feminine Divine, with the man as a worshipful adherent to Feminine joys and aesthetics. His desire to transform himself will be indulged but in service to and honor of the Female, and Myself. 

What other qualities do I seek?

1. His fetishes don’t consume him.

2. He bows before Women in gratitude, recognizing them as inspiration to what propels him internally, knowing he could never be a Female, but strives to embody the Feminine in his worship, all the same. 

3. He understands and accepts that fundamentally he’s still male and won’t allow the lines to blur. 

4. He is older. Younger men don’t have the wisdom I seek: they are still evolving. It takes time for males to come to terms with these drives and to know how to properly manifest them.

5. He knows that being exposed and feeling vulnerable in the right hands is a difficult gift to find. He cherishes it. 

6. He’ll value a relationship with the right Woman, and so he will be grateful and attentive toward making it work.

7. He enjoys traveling the world, and his career permits him to travel at least twice a year.

What I’m NOT looking for:

1. Career fetishists and casual BDSM types. I have nothing against BDSM but it attracts a fair sum of prurient hedonists more in love with acts than the essence of a deep, meaningful relationships. 

2. Anyone overly sexual and preoccupied with their fantasies to the exclusion of deeper sincerity. 

3. Cuckholds who are simply looking for bisexual hijinks. Again, strict focus on fetishes is not what I’m after. My dominance is real but it’s organic and is expressed how I desire. I don’t and won’t follow a man’s scripts and psycho dramatics. 

If you think you have all the qualities I seek, I welcome your introductory message. Be prepared for a lengthy vet. Live between the coasts of New Jersey and New Hampshire. Please be between the ages of 38-58. 

You may call Me on Niteflirt or write Me on Fetlife, if you wish — starting July 1, 2018. I may add an email to this blog to use as well.

Thank you!


Below are links to help males (and the Women who love them) who may want to better understand Autogynephilia.

A History of Autogynephilia

Autogynephilia and the Typology of Male-to-Female Transsexualism: Concepts and Controversies

What Autogynephilia is, and what is it not; a brief note

Pornography and Autogynephilia in the narratives of adult transgender males

Trump’s Little Secret?

July 16th, 2019

He looks surprisingly sexy, doesn’t he?  He’s got the “Bitch” look down!  But My word, what big hands!  Someone has over-looked this minor detail in Photoshop; it’s common knowledge his hands are on the small side.  Perhaps this is the source of the over-compensating, tough-guy persona?
Go Donna Trump! lol 😉


Something from Nothing

July 13th, 2019

Another lively conversation with Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss.

“A truly open mind means forcing our imaginations to conform to the evidence of reality, and not vice versa,

whether or not we like the implications.”

Lawrence Krauss


New Video Update: Please Whip Me More, Mistress.

July 12th, 2019

Every so often I like to reward My slaves for their hard work. And while it is true for My slaves that their rewards come from giving not getting, unexpected rewards serve an effective way of reinforcing desired behavior.

For My masochist slave, he loves to be whipped!

Two new updates

June 27th, 2019

Two new updates: Stay Still Slave and vacation pictures!

There is the BowFlex, Ab Roller, Belly Burner, etc.—all neat gadgets, I’m sure— but I don’t need any of that stuff when I have My slave willing to take on inanimate forms of My choosing.  And My slave makes quite a lovely inanimate object indeed, such as a bench and stool to work out My gilded glutes.  I use My male expressly for this purpose when the mood suits Me.  Unloaded is a video of Me using My slave as a work out bench!  Note:  If a Mistress is going to invest in a slave, She may as well use him for practical purposes.  I consider “Face Sitting” more as a reward for good behavior than it is for convenience— it’s actually a pain in the ass to sit like that for more than a minute or two.


Always a Slave, Never a Pet

June 12th, 2019

There are slaves. And there are subs (pets).

The servant is not a pet and does not wish to become one.
It is the sub who is a pet.  He gains entrance in the Keeper’s realm as a pet. He wants to be dommed, but as a good doggy.  He’s always trading his submission and devotion for something in return.  He wants to gain affection, recognition, and to slowly conquer space and importance.  As a pet, he develops an affection relationship and gets ever more demanding and jealous.

That said, the servant humbly accepts to be kept low to the ground.  Instinctively, even though servitude is hard and oppressive -and it is!- he welcomes it because it keeps him at his right place.  If he were allowed to gain too much attention and care he might become a pet, and his servantry would dilute and fade imperceptibly.  He would eventually get lost in the growing schism between his servantry and the affectionate and possessive relationship that would develop with his Keeper.

That’s why I usually prefer to compare the servant to a horse and not a dog.  A horse loves his Keeper.  He loves when She murmurs words to his ear.  He loves when She pats him possessively.  He is happy and welcomes Her when She comes to use him and mount him.  But he humbly accepts to be led back to his stable.  He doesn’t want to get into the house, to leap on a sofa and make it his reserved territory and not let anyone sit on it.  He doesn’t howl and bark for hours because His Keeper has left him for the day.  He doesn’t always whine for more attention. He is not always jealous.

The horse will always be a humble servant.  The dog will always be a demanding sub, eternally trying to top from the bottom.

I don’t mean that to imply that a special attitude is expected from the Keeper.  It’s not that there is a recipe which the servant must be whipped and degraded on a set pattern.  It all subtly depends on who the Keeper is.  A Keeper can use a servant for whatever She needs him—even to have dinner, make love to him, or go to sleep in his arms when She feels like it.  It’s something in Her attitude that will always let the servant know that whatever She might be demanding of him, his place will always remain in the stable.  And, he will never hold property on the couch in the living room or on Her bed, lol.

There’s the same difference between subby players and servants as there is between Women who were born Keepers, and others who want to play at dominating, simply seeking fun in a game that could evolve into a vanilla relationship.  The born Keeper might fancy treating a servant like a lover or go out with him as She would with a friend but there will be this certain something in Her that will leave no room for ambiguity.  She will always be the Keeper and he the servant.  Whatever She does, there will be no doubt She is using Her servant because of Her own whim of the moment, knowing the servant will have to bend and adapt to it.  Conversely, the player Domme will remain in a complacent relationship based on trading, and she will be concerned with Her hubby-sub’s expectations.

The Forgotten

June 10th, 2019

How many of you have grand and/or great-grand parents? Or, how many of you have neighbors who are elderly and live alone? Did you know that the elderly suffer from social loneliness and isolation, and according to the AARP, the numbers are increasing. It’s easy to forget that elderly persons’ lives are very much static and stationary. They’re not going shopping, to the park and beach, nor are they having dinner with friends, traveling or seeing shows. Any many rarely have enough family members who visit them regularly. Have you ever stopped to consider what it’s like to not see anyone for days? Event the most reclusive, proud-to-be-a-loner person would miss seeing another human’s face after some time.

Loneliness is bad for our health in the same way that stress is. If you know an elderly person who lives alone, consider paying them a visit— a real visit, spending a few hours with them. Short, quick-stop visits (think of visiting nurses) do not count toward anything meaningful. Studies have been done that found a link between loneliness and inflammation, Altermizers, stroke, and insomnia.

Ways to help the elderly in your life or community:

Make transportation available, promote a sense of purpose, give a senior something to take care of, help them with adaptive technologies, visit and talk to neighbors and connect them with a local church or synagogue. See more here


June 4th, 2019

“Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.” – Alan Watts.

How do you get out of depression?

How do you get out of your own mind?

How do you stop the mental chatter?

You don’t spend enough feeling.

The mind is on over-drive.

Thoughts are creating anxiety.

What do you do with this feeling of emptiness? 

A note inside, to My some of My callers…  

Site News: Video Updates

June 4th, 2019

We’re currently updating the way videos are presented on the website. In the coming months, we’ll be going through the old formats and refreshing their code, making them compatible with the new system being used. Please bear with Me as this process unfolds. Some videos may not work temporarily or links will appear broken, but I hope to have this all resolved as soon as I can.


Wave After Wave – Mr. Probz

May 24th, 2019

Chronic Loneliness

May 24th, 2019
I wrote this entry yesterday for some of My members who say they suffer from loneliness.
There’s a myriad of reasons for loneliness, but one thing is certain: it’s bad for your health. Loneliness can lead to physical problems, alcoholism, depression and permanent social disconnect. Anyone can suffer from loneliness, even famous people surrounded by an entourage of “friends” because loneliness is about feeling sad over social disconnect and isolation.
Over time, the feeling of disconnectedness can lead to “social evasion”. Social evasion is a fight or flight response— a physiological reaction to a perceived threat. Over time lonely people become defensive and develop an overall feeling of mistrust for almost everyone— leading to further isolation.
Loneliness can be circumstantial or chronic. Circumstantial loneliness stems from temporary, situational circumstances, e.g., death, divorce, a move.
Chronic loneliness arises over a period of time and can stem from either past abuse or neglect, varying forms of mental illnesses, or drug and alcohol abuse. Chronic loneliness is not so easily overcome. Which brings Me to the main issue of this entry. Overcoming loneliness. What are the solutions?
The remedies for circumstantial loneliness are abundant: check city’s Town Hall and/or Library for local community groups; join a bookstore reading club, gym, riding club, golf club or even a church.
But what about those who suffer from chronic loneliness—those who have difficulty making connections? Joining a group and being surrounded by people is the last thing they want to do. So what can they do? Social media connections don’t help much. Studies show social media can cause some isolated people to feel more isolated. One caveat, however, is joining online communities for lonely/socially isolated people. I’ve lurked around a few of these communities for a while trying to better understand their experiences. Surprisingly I’ve seen quite a number of relationships form within these forums. These communities bring together like-minded people. As members share their experiences, other members find others whom they feel share a similar story. We tend to trust and bond with those whom we feel are similar to us and whom we feel can empathize with our realties. These types of communities offer this chance.
“But since everything like and akin to oneself is pleasant, and since every man is himself more like and akin to himself than any one else is, it follows that all of us must be more or less fond of ourselves…That is why we are usually fond of our flatterers, [our lovers,] and honour; also of our children, for our children are our own work.”


Becoming a volunteer can also help alleviate loneliness.  Serving others is a great way to forget about oneself.  And, it fosters a sense of gratitude. Having a sense of gratitude is like homemade medicine.  In gratitude, there’s no room for longing.
So those are My two solutions for chronic loneliness: joining community forums for loneliness/social isolation, and volunteering.  Of course, there are also pharmaceutical and cognitive therapies for loneliness, especially when associated with mental health issues.
I hope some of this helps.

A note to My loyal fans.

May 16th, 2019

Coming soon to the private area, I will be writing a private message.

New Update: Beach Work out Slave

May 16th, 2019

New Update: Photos and writings.

Site Migration and Technical Issues

May 15th, 2019

I just wanted to let members know that we have been migrating the website recently, and I am aware of the technical problems members have been having with videos. This problem, thankfully, will be resolved soon. Thank you.

Have You Ever Really Seen The Moon?

May 1st, 2019


What a beautiful thing. Reminds you how much you love people. It’s impossible not to feel happy for them! Also shows you how humans are alike in many ways. :p I hope you enjoy!

New Use of DNA Editing Technology Can Alleviate the Suffering from Many Diseases!

April 26th, 2019

“Chemical Surgery Can Correct Genetic Mutations Behind Many Diseases”
Check out this recent article posted in The Guardian. It reveals that through clever use of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology (CRISPR-Cas9 is a sort of new technology that enables “tailor made” DNA cutting sites) the team developed a catalytically impaired CRSIPR-Cas9 system (i.e., it won’t cut both strands of DNA) so that the team could just nick the DNA (“cut” only one strand of DNA).  They also coupled a deaminase enzyme (an enzyme that removes an amino group) to the editing system (above) to convert adenine into inosine (that essentially changes one of the letter codes in DNA to another letter).  This allows the cell DNA repair mechanisms to come in to correct this with the end result being conversion of what was an A-T base pair into a G-C base pair (This change in base pairs “repairs” the point mutation and thus mitigates the “disease”).  This advancement opens up and lays the foundation for the treatment of diseases that are the result of single point mutations.  That being said, there still lies a lot of work ahead to bring this amazing development into a practical reality.
Bottom Line: This clever use of new DNA editing technology has great potential in alleviating suffering from many diseases. 🙂

Photo ID: The Guardian,



April 8th, 2019


I’m going to be writing a blog about an ending conversation I had with a former slave of Mine. It’s a personal matter relating to his struggles with living life as a cross dresser while trying to manage his interpersonal relationships. Having a number of failed relationships with Women unable/unwilling to find comfort and compatibility with cross dressers, he remained alone for a great number of years – too many years. It’s a lonely life for some CD’s particularly when the internal urges for cross dressing are so strong they get in the way of finding an intimate partner to share life.

I may post it to the inside of My site as it’s very personal.

If there are any cross dressing members of Mine looking for an Owner, give Me a call to discuss. You don’t have to be featured on the site if you are private. My former sissy slave was private as well. That said, you do have to be on the older side; I find older men more in touch with themselves. Older than 35.

Thank you.

Love, Saharah

Notice to Members

April 3rd, 2019

Our site is temporarily under construction. It will be down for 24 hours. Thank you! 🙂

New Video and Writing entitled: “Annoyed Mistress-Slave Bench Workout” is available in the Private Journal of the Member Area

March 29th, 2019
Stay still, slave!

New Video and Writing Update: The Subversive Ego

March 10th, 2019

This video and writing is about My slave’s wretched attitude during his “slave critique” last week.

Snippet of issue between Mistress and slave:

“…… Going along resentfully humble and obedient is the minimal bar for a man to reach in his servitude. And it’s the surest way to erode the dynamics of Mistress and slave.

He may not at all times enjoy slavery, including times when his ego may be bruised from hearing things about himself he doesn’t want to avow.

But he must accept every part of slavery given his status to his Mistress and his destiny in life.

But truthfully speaking, men can and should learn to let go of their egos and defenses if they want to live the life of a slave, for it is not enough to grudgingly concede to things that make his Mistress happy.

That misses the entire point of serving Her in the first place.”

The intellectual makings of a slave.

February 4th, 2019

BDSM play is fun and it doesn’t matter if you submit only sexually— so long as you’re honest about it.

Entering into consensual slavery is different from engaging in BDSM play.

There are plenty of people who engage in sexy role-play and creative bedroom games.

My contention is the lack of self-awareness displayed by some who decide to enter into consensual slavery.

“Those” meaning persons who pretend to be something they’re really not.

That said, this is different from a newbie who is sure to make unintentional mistakes.

(More inside and video regarding this issue to follow.)

New Writing and Photos entitled “50 Shades of Sensation Play” are now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

December 17th, 2018
New Update!  As promised, this update is for the Girlfriends and Wives who want to add a dash of spice to their sex lives. 🙂

A Female caller

December 4th, 2018

I have about 10 Female members registered to My site. One of them called Me on niteflirt. She and I hit it off so well, we’ve been talking to one another weekly. We may meet up on New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam. Anyway, She asked if I would tell Her what sorts of sensual rewards I can recommend She do with Her husband. They do not practice a BDSM lifestyle but She is dominant in the bedroom. I will make a video this weekend on one of the rewards I give My slaves for their good behavior. It’s sexy and erotic, and can be enjoyed by vanilla couples who want to dabble in bondage, teasing and sensation play. Stay tuned! 🙂

New Writing and Video entitled “Punish the Animal” are now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

December 4th, 2018

After Thanksgiving dinner and before dessert, I decided to paddle My slave for a recent transgression. You can view his punishment in this video update. As he is disciplined for his unruly behavior, hear one of My standard lectures that accompanies his punishment. Punishment always comes with verbal discourse. As you can tell, I enjoy lecturing My slaves, even when I am not gracing them with discipline.

Engraved Hour Glass Nebula

October 27th, 2018

So cool! Just over 8,000 light years away from Earth!  Picture by: NSA.

New Writing and Video entitled “Vote 2018” are now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

October 27th, 2018

This video update is for My American boys. 🙂  Vote in the 2018, November 6 Mid-term elections.



New hypnosis video for My internet slaves in the USA .  Have fun with it, and DO as I Command!

New Writing and Video entitled “Mental Conditioning” are now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

October 16th, 2018

Ladies, when males call My niteflirt phone line I tell them how it is. And you should too, in your own way. Males love to hear how a Mistress will force them into slavery. I tell them: Work so I get paid. Clean My house while I fine dine with My Girlfriends. Crawl and slither while I sit comfortably. Sweat and labor while I smirk sadistically. Embed these dictates into their reptilian brains and they will be addicted to you for eternity! Don’t hesitate to lecture them on how you expect to use them. And mean every word of it. Don’t do it for them because that’s what you think they want you to say. Own it. Mean it. See him as the utility animal that he is. See him as the slave he was born to be. Make no apologies. Grace him with your generosity by using him as you see fit. Your cruel confidence will make his nut sac tingle. He wants to demonstrate his desperation. A true blue slave will give anything to experience your elegant enjoyment of his submission. Take advantage of his addiction.

Make it fun and sexy!

And while you’re at it, make a hypnosis audio for him to listen to as he slaves away for you, as I did in this video update.

New Writing and Video entitled “Mindlessness” are now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

September 26th, 2018

New writing and video update: “Mindlessness”.

I want My slave to be reliable in his obedience. When he fails Me, his transgression must not go unanswered, lest it erode the structure of the relationship. Female-led relationships mirror traditional forms of relationships: they are in a perpetual state of work and progress. While disciplining a slave isn’t always fun, it reminds them what it means to be obedient, to be a slave in spirit, heart and mind.