Seed Retention in My Fantasy Queendom World

February 13th, 2020


A Caller on My Niteflirt advice line asked what My fantasy world would look like; here it it. [This world may not strike a fancy in some beyond the breeding years, patently.] Enjoy, D!

Our Female Supremacy subculture, as particular as it is, still remains an ambiguous one to the submissive male, a world which may seem quite contradictory or confusing, to say the least.  On one hand there is a commercial interest in sating male desire, and the heart of this commerce assumes a familiar, pleasing form to him, replete with all the glamour of fetish.  But the heart of this “industry” contains little more than empty seduction.  At its core there is little that has any intellectual or spiritual substance for men—and Women—who seek the deeper roots of male servitude.

Somewhere in the back of our collective subconscious lies the image of an ideal Matriarchal society, a culture in which male submission would be harvested and honed beyond simple and stupid transactions; it would be a way of life—spiritual, intellectual, and physical. Within this fantasy society males would be raised to properly understand their place, and their energies would be channeled for the benefit of Women and the communities of which they were a part.

What is the unifying factor in the servility of the male to the Female sex?  The answer to this question lies in the question itself: sex.  It has long been My belief that Female is the source of sex, and male is seeker of it.  Thinking of it this way, it’s fairly easy to see that sexual desire is what moves male energy toward the Female; it is a natural drive instilled within him to encourage the act of procreation.  Where Females in the breeding years are subject to the monthly cycles of their bodies, males in the breeding years are slaves to the renewing desire to seek intercourse with Female bodies, or in the very least, to the ends of pleasure in producing seed, which ultimately is for fertilizing the child-bearing sex.

The male sex drive is enormous and predictable. 

Surely it is through harvesting the energy of his predictable sexual drive that the Female can stand to benefit in more ways than merely the reproductive act, which we know through observing other species does not simply start and stop with the moments leading to and directly after intercourse.  The young male drive is set in him to seek, attract and retain a mate; it is a theme that runs throughout the course of most males who are in their most fertility-health years (35 years old and younger). 

In this way nature clearly demonstrates the male is a captive to the desire of earning the attention of a Female.  In this there is lifelong opportunity for Women to exploit the male sex drive that is in a continuum of searching for the “source” to merge with.  Women who wish to control the male of our species will control his sexual functions and access. They will mold and influence him through the very energies that turn unendingly within him.
Surely, this ideal utopian Matriarchal society wielding control over the male would systematize and hone chastity over male desire and harness it for the greater good of all, for it is obvious the direct root to this control is in control of his seed, of when it is spent and why. Perhaps it goes without saying that males in an ideal world (fantasy for us, but do play along) would be raised since birth to honor and obey Women, but not merely as a civil duty. It would need to be woven directly into the mythos of the culture surrounding them, much like Christianity of today has done to form recurring patriarchal mythos. 

In such an idealized world males would be taught the greater spiritual importance of Women and how this is represented through their powerful desire for them.  In this, the power of sex would at last be included in spiritual practice not excluded.  For there is little doubt in My mind why male-dominated religions demonize sex: it is seated in the one of many wonderments of the Female.

In the utopian world, boys, since childhood, would be raised to heed their Mothers and sisters, accepting the higher freedoms their Female siblings enjoyed while they tended to menial chores and worship study of the Female sex.  Women would go about in society fully clothed and adorned, whereas men would never be allowed clothing or possessions. Males would understand through their studies that male seed is only to be spent in aiding, honoring and worshiping Females, that sperm should not be wasted on his passing and crude animal impulses.

When the male turned of age he would be sent to a finishing school of sorts to further his conditioning.  It is here he would be taught grim discipline and obsequious etiquette in all things befitting “male”, i.e., absolute obedience to the commandments of the Goddess, and in this, absolute obedience to the Female sex.  It is here he will learn the wisdom of pain in his worship, of how his suffering will make resolute his homage to the Goddess and thus please Her, and in so doing, find internal happiness and spiritual strength. 

Within vast subterranean chambers their extended meditation sessions would be forced in cramped communal prayer rituals under massive graven images of the Female sex. The depths of meditations and the durations of erections without semen loss would be monitored and enforced.  Crowded and writhing in misery beneath the earth, their vast, cramped numbers would serve as metaphors for the state of unspent sperm in their sacks and under the single enormous symbol of a Female’s vaginal gateway, their interchangeability and disposability—not at all unlike the seed they produce—would be reinforced.  The spending of semen, even if accidental, would incur punishments. 

For the male, spiritual enlightenment would be attained through mental simplification—a blissful clarity of love for the Female sex wrought by the fetters of their extended chastity and symbolic suffering.

Over a period of five years they would be honed in this daily worship.  In addition, their bodies would be sculpted for labor through labor.  Their collective efforts would be turned upon the menial, back breaking drudgery of erecting temples for the Goddess or any form of work-intensive community labor.  Through their works they would come to learn happiness in giving of themselves and working for a greater good.  In addition, their natural gifts of intellectual prowess and talent would be cultivated for use by that greater good.

Upon release from their schooling, they would join a collective pool, where they would be ceremoniously released to distribution houses held by the state. Women would then either purchase or bid upon the newly arrived slaves.  Upon purchase, they would accompany their new Owners to their homes where they would begin living their functional lifetime of servitude to the Female sex.

When the males turned 35 the risk of chromosomal abnormalities increase and thus their seed would no longer be used in procreation.

Throughout their lives, males would be traded between owners or resold for profit.  No matter the course of their slavery, always would there be the presence of chastity in worship and servitude.  Their desire to please and their suffering for hope of release that rarely comes interminable in their slavery, prodding them on to an abject state of delicious exploitation and use. 

Under the constant yoke of this desire they would enter a lifelong hypnosis of wondrous torment and blissful yearning—always pushing them onward and seldom requited by the mercy of their Keepers. Though these visions are intentionally amplified, chastity is what I consider ideal for the male of our species, for this is the essence of what I believe when I dominate males; that they be denied pleasures of the flesh as a rule and permitted them only on rare occasion befitting Female use, betterment, and gain.

Since I cannot make this fantasy world a reality I create a small example this societal vision here on Earth through the discipline in My own dominance.  All males serving Me must accept that denial trains their focus, and in so doing I become their Priestess; their gateway to transcendence of suffering.  Indeed, the Female symbol in My ideal world represents a gateway of many things: a passage through which life enters the world, a portal through which man aches to renew himself. 

For what is male without pouring himself into Female, the primary organism?  Left free, left alone, discarded into the realm of his own bidding, the male masturbates his senses into boredom and slow self destruction.  To be truly useful, he must be broken of this useless habit, detached from his self-centered preoccupation to center himself upon the half of humanity that is fully human, and only then will “male” grow in spiritual connection to its purpose: all of Womankind.

It is this recurring theme of truth I find in the world between Female and male that makes Me so resolute in My demands for male cultivation of seed.  To put it in the most crude way, an empty sack, so to speak, equals an empty head—free of the natural hypnosis of desire that the male is intended to be entangled in.  When they spill their seed, it is as if they awaken to begin believing they have the power to resist Females, but these delusions are short-lived, of course, thanks to the regenerative nature of need braided hopelessly in male biology. Nonetheless, a male who voluntarily releases will be punished, his penance the only road to forgiveness for such a destructive and selfish deed. 

Any Female seeking to maintain control of Her male(s) must enforce this law without mercy, for I submit as evidence to the contrary the state of many regions in the world today, defunct and drowned in the filth of males satiating their desires unchecked.  Without Mistresses, they are as packs of roving dogs, spilling their seed where they may, never reaching the spiritual clarity they can only attain through denial of their most base carnal urges, keeping them vicious, untamed, selfish and crude.  And so we look out onto the world, and see the more violent ends to male affliction: unending hostility, corruption, and greed. 

This is the legacy of the male left unchecked, always afar and adrift when not guided by the whiplashes of the Goddess: the original and perfect image which spawned him intentionally simple and incomplete, to serve as helpmate only, and never equal or higher. Indeed, the stark reality that Women and men must face is this: his suffering for the Female is the only purifying act for male flesh, conscience, and ultimately, soul.  It is My desire that all men who read this heed what is said and set out to serve their Women this way.  It is My command that those who serve Me and wish to be considered part of My covenant embrace this world vision, and make their bodies as gateways to it.

Call Me to discuss your version of an utopian Female Supremacy world!

Mailbag: What are you? No, seriously…

February 13th, 2020

Dear Saharah:
Since you’re such a unique personality in Femdom, I was wondering how you identify yourself when talking about what you do to others who aren’t familiar with fetish or D/s. Would you call yourself a dominatrix, a prodomme, a Mistress or something else? I sometimes feel none of these ideas really hit you square on.

Respectfully, Kevin

Dear Kevin,

This is really a great question. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to expound a little more about this subject, and you’ve provided one.

Truthfully, I don’t see myself as fitting into any of those categories. For starters, I don’t top men for money as a professional dominatrix does.

Don’t get me wrong—I don’t have a problem with that at all.

Plenty of Women are doing just that and making a reasonable dime off it  but being paid by a “client” for fantasy fulfillment is just not something I find appealing for a number of reasons.

“Dominatrix” just seems a bit dated and campy, not to mention too thigh-high and officer hat for me. I like “Mistress”, but again, popular consumption of the word just leaves me divorced from using it seriously in public.

Female-Led Keeper, on the other hand, feels good to me personally, because all it really implies is that I tend to be the decision maker one in my interpersonal relations.

It doesn’t mean I’m a top service provider, a prostitute for hire, someone’s extramarital interest in kinky friend between the sheets.

It rings with an authorative “pack animal” status to me, so that’s why I tend to embrace it the most. For this reason, “Dominant Woman” would equally suffice.

I’d just like to add that though labels can be very helpful, we should never just see dominant Women (or submissive men, for that matter) as strictly one-dimensional beings, summed up perfectly in whatever moniker you (or they) choose.

Labels are essential in communicating ideas and information, but they are just a starting point in referencing an aspect of personality or status.  Lets not ever forget the human behind them.

All text in this post © 2010

A Slave’s Health

February 12th, 2020

To all the good boys who spend a decent amount of time cleaning their Mistress’s home: discard all store-bought toxic cleaning chemicals. Instead, take care of your health by using vinegar, alcohol, baking soda, peroxide and dish soap.

Use these products to whiten and soften clothes, remove stains, disinfect all surfaces: kitchen, bathroom, handles, knobs and electronic devices and keyboard, shine mirrors, break up hard water stains, clean and shine windows and glass table tops, break up grease, clean grout, obliterate pet odors on sofa, clean your dishwasher and clothes washers, etc…

Keep separate spray bottles for each of these products. And- never mix bleach with these products or with ammonia.


Saharah Eve

What If

February 6th, 2020

THIS came from this

February 6th, 2020
😛 THIS above
Came from this above.

Gotta give the actors in Magic Mike props for trying. They look somewhat lost in the background, Lol.

From Magic Mike

Go see Magic Mike show if you have a Girlfriend who’s getting married. The show was great.

Pussy Cat Power

February 5th, 2020

February 5th, 2020


“The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.” ― MT

February 3rd, 2020

Egoism Has No Place in Slavery

January 30th, 2020

My Girlfriend on speaker enjoyed listening to his punishment!

Correction, methodically meted, helps him grow and move on from his sensitive and defensive ego.


January 30th, 2020

Just a Feeling

January 28th, 2020

Flashback: Hideaway

January 28th, 2020

Fisher: Losing It, Tomorrowland Belgium 2019

January 27th, 2020

Alda · Thylacine

January 25th, 2020

Rita Hayworth

January 24th, 2020

The Heart of a Slave

January 19th, 2020

Thank You Maîtresse. For deigning to accept my love, my adulation and

worship, You are infinitely gracious and generous, i worship You every day,

with all my heart, my mind, my body, i worship You from the moment i get

up and prostrate myself in Your direction to say my mantra to You, to the

moment i end up my day naked, adoring and venerating You as Your

humble, docile, captive slave. You are sublime and wonderful, exquisite and

ravishing, in everything.

Thank You Maîtresse.

*prostrated, humbled, silent, forehead to the floor, in complete


Ladies, do not wonder; a slave’s priorities are revealed in his actions.

January 19th, 2020

January 19th, 2020

2:59 – edit error, dancers seen hanging out in backgroud :-0

January 18th, 2020

The Essence of a Slave’s Mind

January 6th, 2020

Dear Mistress,

i am Your slave
i am Your slave wherever You are
i am Your slave whatever You do
i am Your slave when You laugh and when You dance
i am Your slave when You eat and when You sleep
i am Your slave when You travel the world
i am Your slave when You smile under the sun
i am Your slave when You work and when You rest
i am Your slave when You bathe and when You put on Your make up
i am Your slave when You are with friends and when You walk Your dog
i am Your slave when You slumber and slip into a dream
i am Your slave when You sigh contentedly while Your feet are massaged
i am Your slave when You are irritated and when You are tired
i am Your slave when You whip a male and when You make love
i am Your slave when You are amused and when You are furious
i am Your slave when You are charming and when You dress to kill
For i am Your slave

and only that
one of Your many servants in Your stable
another male You have subdued, dompted and enslaved
enslaved so thoroughly, so completely, so implacably 
that he can only be Your slave 

and only that
to be there, slave in waiting
slave owned, possessed, at Your mercy
slave at Your beck and call
slave to jump at Your summon
slave to bow at Your command
slave to stoop at Your order
slave to grovel under Your moods
slave to be tossed at Your caprice
and slave to be ignored all the other times
when all those times i’ll always remain Your slave
slave in waiting
slave in silence

(Once a slave, always a slave; forever in servitude.)

*******Pussy Drip!**** Female Supremacy

January 6th, 2020


Men eat the box like it’s candy. If a man does not like it, he’s not that into You.

Tell him to go suck a dick. Meow.


Pussy Cat Momma

Prince, and Other Men in Feminine Attire

January 6th, 2020

We Women find this male sexy. While the garter, stockings and high-heels are considered “feminine”, he’s not trying to look like a Woman. I think men should be welcomed to dress in “feminine” clothing without having to pass off as a Woman if they don’t want— much like Prince.


January 6th, 2020

Inter-Being; Oneness

January 6th, 2020

If you are a poet, you will see clearly that there is a cloud floating in this sheet of paper. Without a cloud, there will be no rain; without rain, the trees cannot grow; and without trees, we cannot make paper. The cloud is essential for the paper to exist. If the cloud is not here, the sheet of paper cannot be here either. So we can say that the cloud and the paper inter-are. “Interbeing” is a word that is not in the dictionary yet, but if we combine the prefix “inter-“ with the verb “to be,” we have a new verb, inter-be.

Clouds In Each Paper, by Thich Nhat Hanh.

There is no separate I. No separated island. 相互依存

Porcelain Black

January 5th, 2020

It’s only you.

January 3rd, 2020

“I used to care about how other people thought I led my life. But lately I’ve realized that most people are too preoccupied with their own lives to give anybody else even the scantiest of thoughts.”
― Douglas Coupland,

“A senior monk and a junior monk were traveling together. At one point, they came to a river with a strong current. As the monks were preparing to cross the river, they saw a very young and beautiful woman also attempting to cross. The young woman asked if they could help her cross to the other side.

The two monks glanced at one another because they had taken vows not to touch a woman.

Then, without a word, the older monk picked up the woman, carried her across the river, placed her gently on the other side, and carried on his 

The younger monk couldn’t believe what had just happened. After rejoining his companion, he was speechless, and an hour passed without a word between them.

Two more hours passed, then three, finally the younger monk could contain himself any longer, and blurted out “As monks, we are not permitted a woman, how could you then carry that woman on your shoulders?”

The older monk looked at him and replied, “Brother, I set her down on the other side of the river, why are you still carrying her?”

This simple Zen story has a beautiful message about living in the present moment. How often do we carry around past hurts, holding onto resentments when the only person we are really hurting is ourselves.

We all go through times in life when other people say things or behave in a way that is hurtful towards us. We can chose to ruminate over past actions or events, but it will ultimately weigh us down and sap our energy.

Instead we can choose to let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore and concentrate on the present moment. Until we can find a level of peace and happiness in the present circumstances of our lives, we will never be content, because ‘now’ is all we will ever have.”


“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” – Lao Tzu

Self-consciousness kills communication.” ― Rick Steves

January 2nd, 2020


December 17th, 2019

Sissy Maid Opening

December 11th, 2019

We have an opening for a sissy maid on January 1, 2020. New Year’s Day dinner party of 9. Women only. Location: New Jersey. Call Me for details.

Male Happiness In a FLR

December 11th, 2019

The notion of male happiness in serving a Woman within a Female-led home isn’t taboo within the general wisdom of society. Countless people speak of the happiness and fulfillment they experience in worship, charity or civil service.

Without a doubt, many of us feel better when we are helping others or placing ourselves at the behest of a higher power.

We step out of our egotism and make a difference in the world, and this in turn makes us feel good. Feeling good is crucial to our health, and it is a surprising irony that we are so wired to receive happiness by making others happy.

Among Women, the desire to make a difference in the world is often quite visceral. We are nurturers and life givers; we form social connections and quietly oil the very gears of the great tribe that is humanity, bearing our children along the way. We are quick to empathize for the greater good of the bigger picture, for we often see the bigger picture clearly.

While seeing the bigger picture is certainly not one of the stronger skills of males, anyone who doubts the prowess of male desire to serve is blind or quite determined.

While there is plenty of evidence to suggest men are often simple, egocentric and greedy creatures, this is not to say their being so is a whole and deeply purposeful choice.

Indeed, the pathway to the male’s corruption or ill use is so often due to the male himself, but it is often his own misunderstanding about his place or his own inability to walk the right path that is the real culprit. For who in their right mind would knowingly go against their own nature at the cost of their deeper happiness?

That is precisely the struggle of men today and in ages past. They are so often estranged from expressing servile or empathetic desires, for the world in which they live makes it difficult for them to do so. And who created these unspoken codes of macho disconnect in our world to begin with? Men, of course.

While it is apparent the cultural conditioning set upon boys since early childhood creates an arrogant, shallow and self-serving persona that can sometimes become all too real, it is my belief that most men, when given an environment in which they can express their selfless servility without retribution or scorn, will naturally and enthusiastically do so. In order for them to find this path and allow themselves to walk down it, they often need the natural guidance and loving subjugation that only Women can bring.

This guidance comes through many Women throughout a man’s life. Foremost, there is Mother. We all come into this world born of our Mothers. Mothers are the gateways through which we enter the world and first experience it.

A boy’s relationship with his Mother is one that will impact him for the rest of his life. She was his first source of comfort and security and the first person he ever bonded intimately with.

If his relationship with his Mother is bad, it is often telling of the course he is set upon in life.

Since it is through a Woman that every man has come into this world, there is a tremendous need in a man for a Woman’s presence in his life.

The nurturing, guiding hand of Mother is often replaced by another Woman, or at least it should be. Popular psychology has at various times painted this tendency in men as some form of defect, but it is in fact as natural and inevitable as the seasons.

When this innate instinct is combined with his love, libido and the enhancement of his natural inclination to worship and serve a Woman, a perfect servant in the male is born.

The maternal aspect of male psychology is but one facet in examining the role Mother Nature intended for the male. Evidence of the servility of men abounds with casual observation.

I noticed early in life that men are happiest when they are submissive to Women. They smile more and have a lightness about them. When the Woman is happy, the man is happy, and when the Woman isn’t happy, the man is miserable. While this is often the subject of jest with coworkers and friends, no one can refute it.

Some objectors point to what often seems the natural inclination in males to lead and dominate, but this is more often than not a misinterpretation of male behavior.

Testosterone makes a man strong, and aggressive, and while this makes him a better worker and perhaps an alpha among his fellow males, it seldom makes him a better leader in the larger picture. This works in the favor of Women as we can dominate and use men to their fullest potential.

And men don’t seem to mind, it turns out. They rejoice in showing us things they built, the money they made, the titles they earned and so on—but they need our love, nurture, support and guidance to give meaning to their efforts and to their lives.

The man who fights this reality ends up lonely and miserable. Show Me any man who is not serving a Woman and I will show you a man that is suffering in some way because of it.

The reasons for the inability of men to submit may range from willful resistance to simple lack of knowledge and good breeding, but once shown the light, most men discover happiness and contentment at the feet of Women, as is only natural and right.

European DNA

November 20th, 2019

Native American? And a gene flow from Siberia? What’s found by studying skeletal remains in archaeological and anthropological records with current distribution of genetic markers.

She Carries It ALL ;)

November 20th, 2019

Alice Chater and Pro. Green. Got it all.

The Making

November 19th, 2019

Trump’s Little Secret?

November 12th, 2019

He looks surprisingly sexy, doesn’t he?  He’s got the “Bitch” look down.


Delilah and Samson

November 12th, 2019

One of My cross-dressing pets asked Me why do Mistresses like shaving their slaves’ heads.

The answer is easy.

Obviously the point of keeping slaves for a Mistress is to be freed of all menial concerns and chores.

This being said, there are some small domestic tasks Mistresses find enjoyable and will make a point of taking into their own hands.

One of them is the shaving of a slaves head. I have to admit I get a special gratification out of this innocent ritual.

Are Mistresses unconsciously acting out the myth of Delilah and Samson? Maybe so.

Although I don’t feel much affinity with the caricatured biblical temptress, we do share a similarity: A Mistress’s purpose in removing Her slave’s hair is to enforce his enslavement.

By depriving him of that individuality, a Mistress is effectively transforming him in such a way that he will hardly recognize himself when looking into a mirror,

driving it home the hard way that their body is the Mistress’s exclusive property to do with as they wish.

When the slave sees himself so utterly modified that he knows he no longer relates to the face of the free person he once had.

What he sees instead is a depersonalized creature.

The poor beast is left with no other choice than to embrace his image of slavery—the shorn head—and do so with sincere gratitude.

Mistresses have no qualms admitting that they enjoy removing their pet’s hair as if they were peeling off any remnant of his former life.

The male that emerges from that chrysalis will undoubtedly prove to be totally subjected to his Mistress’s will, having no other hope than to serve Her and to remain in Her good grace.

But unlike Delilah, when a Mistress shaves off the hair of one of Her males, Her intent is surely not to weaken him.

On the contrary:  A Mistress is significantly empowering him.

By depriving him of this physical attribute of his personality, She is doing more than simply performing the symbolic act of degrading him to his subservient status;

She is also freeing him of all his fears, apprehensions and inhibitions.

Having lost everything—freedom, possessions, friends and relations—his unique and sacred ambition is to serve and please his Owner.

This is a Mistress’s gift to Her loyal slave.

This is the power a Mistress is instilling in him: having no concern for his own well being or safety he will obey Her orders without even a second thought as nothing could ever matter more to him than satisfying Her whims.

Such selflessness is tantamount to invincibility.

And a Mistress will accept nothing less from Her pets.