I am Saharah Eve, and this is My website, which partially expresses My life as a Femdom.  The men on this site are My life long friends. I created this site for My own enjoyment, and that of My followers foremost; you are free to join and read along, if you’re curious. I offer no apologies for my doctrine, nor compromise. Those who disagree are free to expound at great length elsewhere; this site is about Me. This site is mostly private, and available to members only. You will find the areas accessible to the public here are sparse. If you are curious enough, you are welcome to join and see more of Me on the other side. Or you can call Me on Niteflirt.

Some answers to frequently asked questions:

What is an F.L.R.?

To put it in the simplest of terms possible, it’s th e preference of Female leadership over male leadership in a personal relationship. Everyone practices it a little differently, but the above usually applies. F.L.R. stands for Female-Led Relationship.

Do you have a dungeon where we can…

I believe what you mean to ask is if I’m a “Pro Domina.” The answer is no. I do not have a commercial facility, nor do I charge per-hour for a transient one-on-one dominatrix session.

Thank  you and happy slavery!