Mailbag: What are you? No, seriously…

February 13th, 2020

Dear Saharah:
Since you’re such a unique personality in Femdom, I was wondering how you identify yourself when talking about what you do to others who aren’t familiar with fetish or D/s. Would you call yourself a dominatrix, a prodomme, a Mistress or something else? I sometimes feel none of these ideas really hit you square on.

Respectfully, Kevin

Dear Kevin,

This is really a great question. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to expound a little more about this subject, and you’ve provided one.

Truthfully, I don’t see myself as fitting into any of those categories. For starters, I don’t top men for money as a professional dominatrix does.

Don’t get me wrong—I don’t have a problem with that at all.

Plenty of Women are doing just that and making a reasonable dime off it  but being paid by a “client” for fantasy fulfillment is just not something I find appealing for a number of reasons.

“Dominatrix” just seems a bit dated and campy, not to mention too thigh-high and officer hat for me. I like “Mistress”, but again, popular consumption of the word just leaves me divorced from using it seriously in public.

Female-Led Keeper, on the other hand, feels good to me personally, because all it really implies is that I tend to be the decision maker one in my interpersonal relations.

It doesn’t mean I’m a top service provider, a prostitute for hire, someone’s extramarital interest in kinky friend between the sheets.

It rings with an authorative “pack animal” status to me, so that’s why I tend to embrace it the most. For this reason, “Dominant Woman” would equally suffice.

I’d just like to add that though labels can be very helpful, we should never just see dominant Women (or submissive men, for that matter) as strictly one-dimensional beings, summed up perfectly in whatever moniker you (or they) choose.

Labels are essential in communicating ideas and information, but they are just a starting point in referencing an aspect of personality or status.  Lets not ever forget the human behind them.

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11 Responses to Mailbag: What are you? No, seriously…

  1. slavekarl says:

    Dear Saharah,
    Thank You very much for the explanation here.
    Thanks to You we can now see the difference with all the names mentioned above and a deeper explanation on who You are, a true Dominant Woman.
    I thought that I would post a comment on here and wish You the best for Your new website, congratulations !

  2. Hopefulslave says:

    Dear Saharah,
    Labels do tend to tarnish with use and misuse. “Dame” was once a term of respect but it devolved into a crass term for a woman. Mistress seems to have taken a similar course. Alpha Female is indisputably clear, comprehensive and authoritative. I think You have chosen well.

  3. RR says:

    i think this is a great description of an Alpha Female. Fortunately, the numbers of self assured, dominant Women seems to be on the rise.

  4. Joe says:

    Dear Ms. Saharah Eve, first let me congratulate you on your new website. I sincerely wish you much luck in helping males acknowledge the superiority of Women. I have a question that is probably stupid but I would appreciate your comments. I notice in all the scenes where your slaves are serving you in private they are always stark naked. Is this a requirement of yours? If it is are there reasons for the nudity? I respectfully submit my question. Thank You ma’am. Joe.

  5. admin says:

    Hello Joe, thank you very much. 🙂
    Your question is not stupid at all; people have asked this many times before. In My opinion, the humbleness of a slave is what makes him ideal. Since humility is an essential prerequisite for slavery, a Keeper should foster humility by keeping them nude (transparent and vulnerable) and granting them only the minimal material possessions. Saharah

  6. admin says:

    Thank you, Karl. 🙂

  7. workingtowardsownership says:

    Saharah, it’s nice to see You taking a title, but at the same time making it into Yours and Yours alone. i’ve always enjoyed that about You. everytime we’ve ever spoken, the one thing that i loved most was Your individuality coming through. some of my favorite conversations with You have been about little nothings or debates on science v God. i’ve always enjoyed seening, and respecting the person behind the title

  8. Blueboy says:

    Quite simply the only fitting description of you is “The Ultimate Goddess”.
    If you look up the word goddess the dictionary I think you’ll find a picture of you.

  9. just4167 says:

    It’s always difficult to know what to call a dominant female. Personally, I think all forms are flattering. I like the classic “Mistress” because it is formal and sexy. Alpha Female is indeed another very accurate term…

  10. kneeling_nothing says:

    Agree with ‘Ultimate Goddess’. Dominant Female is definitely right, but not all Dominant Females enslave men explicitely. Maybe they just bossy them around in the office, or in a partnership. You do submit and control several males, that are treated (and called!) slaves. ‘Alpha Female’ is also a great definition. And how true, a label never fits a person. In particularly one with such a strong personality. You shall rule forever!

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