Male Happiness In a FLR

December 11th, 2019

The notion of male happiness in serving a Woman within a Female-led home isn’t taboo within the general wisdom of society. Countless people speak of the happiness and fulfillment they experience in worship, charity or civil service.

Without a doubt, many of us feel better when we are helping others or placing ourselves at the behest of a higher power.

We step out of our egotism and make a difference in the world, and this in turn makes us feel good. Feeling good is crucial to our health, and it is a surprising irony that we are so wired to receive happiness by making others happy.

Among Women, the desire to make a difference in the world is often quite visceral. We are nurturers and life givers; we form social connections and quietly oil the very gears of the great tribe that is humanity, bearing our children along the way. We are quick to empathize for the greater good of the bigger picture, for we often see the bigger picture clearly.

While seeing the bigger picture is certainly not one of the stronger skills of males, anyone who doubts the prowess of male desire to serve is blind or quite determined.

While there is plenty of evidence to suggest men are often simple, egocentric and greedy creatures, this is not to say their being so is a whole and deeply purposeful choice.

Indeed, the pathway to the male’s corruption or ill use is so often due to the male himself, but it is often his own misunderstanding about his place or his own inability to walk the right path that is the real culprit. For who in their right mind would knowingly go against their own nature at the cost of their deeper happiness?

That is precisely the struggle of men today and in ages past. They are so often estranged from expressing servile or empathetic desires, for the world in which they live makes it difficult for them to do so. And who created these unspoken codes of macho disconnect in our world to begin with? Men, of course.

While it is apparent the cultural conditioning set upon boys since early childhood creates an arrogant, shallow and self-serving persona that can sometimes become all too real, it is my belief that most men, when given an environment in which they can express their selfless servility without retribution or scorn, will naturally and enthusiastically do so. In order for them to find this path and allow themselves to walk down it, they often need the natural guidance and loving subjugation that only Women can bring.

This guidance comes through many Women throughout a man’s life. Foremost, there is Mother. We all come into this world born of our Mothers. Mothers are the gateways through which we enter the world and first experience it.

A boy’s relationship with his Mother is one that will impact him for the rest of his life. She was his first source of comfort and security and the first person he ever bonded intimately with.

If his relationship with his Mother is bad, it is often telling of the course he is set upon in life.

Since it is through a Woman that every man has come into this world, there is a tremendous need in a man for a Woman’s presence in his life.

The nurturing, guiding hand of Mother is often replaced by another Woman, or at least it should be. Popular psychology has at various times painted this tendency in men as some form of defect, but it is in fact as natural and inevitable as the seasons.

When this innate instinct is combined with his love, libido and the enhancement of his natural inclination to worship and serve a Woman, a perfect servant in the male is born.

The maternal aspect of male psychology is but one facet in examining the role Mother Nature intended for the male. Evidence of the servility of men abounds with casual observation.

I noticed early in life that men are happiest when they are submissive to Women. They smile more and have a lightness about them. When the Woman is happy, the man is happy, and when the Woman isn’t happy, the man is miserable. While this is often the subject of jest with coworkers and friends, no one can refute it.

Some objectors point to what often seems the natural inclination in males to lead and dominate, but this is more often than not a misinterpretation of male behavior.

Testosterone makes a man strong, and aggressive, and while this makes him a better worker and perhaps an alpha among his fellow males, it seldom makes him a better leader in the larger picture. This works in the favor of Women as we can dominate and use men to their fullest potential.

And men don’t seem to mind, it turns out. They rejoice in showing us things they built, the money they made, the titles they earned and so on—but they need our love, nurture, support and guidance to give meaning to their efforts and to their lives.

The man who fights this reality ends up lonely and miserable. Show Me any man who is not serving a Woman and I will show you a man that is suffering in some way because of it.

The reasons for the inability of men to submit may range from willful resistance to simple lack of knowledge and good breeding, but once shown the light, most men discover happiness and contentment at the feet of Women, as is only natural and right.

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