New Video and Writing Update: The Subversive Ego

March 10th, 2019

This video and writing is about My slave’s wretched attitude during his “slave critique” last week.

Snippet of issue between Mistress and slave:

“…… Going along resentfully humble and obedient is the minimal bar for a man to reach in his servitude. And it’s the surest way to erode the dynamics of Mistress and slave.

He may not at all times enjoy slavery, including times when his ego may be bruised from hearing things about himself he doesn’t want to avow.

But he must accept every part of slavery given his status to his Mistress and his destiny in life.

But truthfully speaking, men can and should learn to let go of their egos and defenses if they want to live the life of a slave, for it is not enough to grudgingly concede to things that make his Mistress happy.

That misses the entire point of serving Her in the first place.”

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