Engraved Hour Glass Nebula

October 27th, 2018

So cool! Just over 8,000 light years away from Earth!  Picture by: NSA.

Might Makes Right, And Other Foolish Male Arguments

October 9th, 2018

men are stongerEvery now and then I have the distinct pleasure of receiving one of those mangry comments to any of My posts, the latest being one dropped by “Ryan” in My infamous Female Supremacy Myths thread. You can read My initial response here.

We’ve all heard it before.  The phrasing varies, but the overall message goes generally something like this (quoting Ryan): “Anything women have is because men allow them to have it. Women’s only power is their vagina. Women are hopelessly dependent on men for their very survival. Women can not take the power that men have, they must convince men to share it or give the benefits of male power and utility to females. Where as men, if we so choose can take what women have…in an instant if we want to.”

Now I’m tempted to launch into stating the initial obvious here, being that the commenter, attempting to invalidate Female power, in fact validates it, but I’m not going to waste letters (or your eyeball time) with the obvious rebuttal that the power of sex—and particularly the Female sex—has been around for a very long time, and its influence is plain to see by anyone sporting entry-level brain capacity.

So no…no waxing poetically about that I promise, even if a brief primer is appropriate.  Instead, I’ll comment upon how I find the apologetics men use to justify defending the honor of their sex in this apparent Internet sex war simultaneously amusing and somewhat disturbing—amusing due to the sheer crudeness of their  ripostes, and disturbing perhaps because I see little else they find worthy of merit in presenting for counter argument outside of brute force.

So, ok, fine.  Women are the physically weaker sex (usually), and their power is in their sex.

To a certain degree, I will agree with that, so long as the discussion of power has only to do with the dynamics between Female and male.  When taking into account the capabilities of both sexes, which history has proven to be fairly equal across both, one can only concede to the fact that Women can and do take on anything men do in our society, and just as well, with the general exclusion of labor-intensive work and tremendously taxing physical tasks.  I’ll also throw in there the function of expendability in combat; we know men are better suited to that as well, by examining the logic of reproductive value alone. Read the rest of this entry »