Seeking a submissive male for a special project

August 31st, 2018

I would like to make all readers aware that I have an opening for a submissive male who, by all counts, is authentically submissive and truly appreciates Women. I’m taking on a new protege, whom I am guiding in the arts of Female Dominance, therefore I am seeking a male who wishes to serve as a subject for this training. This male will be interacting with both Her and Myself.

The start date is approaching soon as She turns 19 years of age. The vetting process will take a few months, therefore I am starting now. Understand that this position will involve many responsibilities, not only to Her, but to Me, especially in the beginning. You must be open to being shown on My site, in photos and videos. If you pass muster, you may be able to stay on as Her servant.

Requirements are as follows:

1. Be 18-30 years of age.  This is negotiable if you are older but look younger for your age.
2. Own a car.
3. Able to speak with Me on the call service, so I may vet you initially by voice conversation. We will discuss more details at that time.
4. Must be open to being viewed on My website (no requests for face blurring, face masks, etc.).
5. Must be single.
6. Must be seriously looking for a Mistress.
7. Must actually be submissive and desire a Female-led relationship.

If you have no experience as a slave, that may not be a hindrance.  If I like you and sense you have the intellectual makings of a slave, (and of course there is mutual chemistry between you and Her) you will be trained.  As you know, Female-led relationships, like vanilla relationships, boil down to physical and emotional chemistry.

Contact Me via Niteflirt:  hearing your voice is a mandatory, first step.  My lines will be turned on tomorrow.

Thank you.

Ps. I will be available to speak with potential sissy slaves as well.  See this blog entry Give Me a call, Girlfriend! 😉

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