New Writing and Video entitled “Woeful Negligence” are now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

June 14th, 2018

New writing and video update: Woeful Negligence.

Among the more dubious reasons for incompetence or outright failure of an assigned task is the oft-used excuse of “forgetfulness.” Often, it’s not so much the case that it slipped the slave’s memory, if we are to be honest and frank about such things: it’s instead an easy and affordable defense. Regarding the failure at hand, My slave didn’t choose to make My wishes a priority, due to his apparent laziness and lack of care. He got a little too comfortable and familiar with Me—something that happens to some slaves when they begin taking their Mistresses for granted. All relationships take work. Each has its failings from time to time, but the bar in a Mistress and slave relationship is set exceedingly high by design. One cannot ever rest upon his laurels in this arrangement. Doing so is unwise, for the slave will most certainly pay a price for his lack of mindfulness. If getting lazy is reckless in a common egalitarian relationship: how much more so is it in Mistress and slave relationship? What should the repercussions be? I have every right to be furious at My slave for not fulfilling My commands, and so punishment came fast and hard. In My annoyance over his absolute failure to please, I start to wonder if I need to punish him like this weekly, just to clear the air on where his attentions should most precisely be. I don’t mind providing maintenance corporeal punishments, if they are productive.

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