Sun Goddesses

June 29th, 2018

New writing and video update: Sun Goddesses.

I’m of the opinion that every Woman should know what it feels like to use a slave at least once in Her life. But to be more to the point, I believe every Woman should have a slave of Her own, as a birthright. Our bodies are designed to create life. A man’s body is designed for physical work. He doesn’t create life: he serves it. And what greater thing to serve than the very giver of life: a Female.  The romantic male hero is self-deprecating, servile, and risks everything for the Lady, the Princess, or the Femme Fatale. The Female is the source of life from which the derivative and parasitic male emerges. Wombless, his breasts are dry: he is no muse, nor is he pursued by virtue of his existence. Men must strive to build from themselves something worthy. He is the sweet dog at Her feet, with his eyes beaming in admiration, begging for an order, a task to make Her happy, or the serpent in Her garden, wrapping around Her legs, obsessed with the portal that bore him into the world—seeking to penetrate it and renew himself somehow within. Man is nothing but a construct: a hollow tool designed for a particular purpose: to serve and please his Goddess, and honor and empower all Females alike. 

Happy Gay Pride – NYC

June 6th, 2018

Happy Gay Pride! Come celebrate Gay Pride with My brother, his partner and Myself. We’ll be in NYC for two weeks. On June 18th, we’ll be at the LGBT Community Center’s Garden Party on Pier 84 (Hudson River Park) for the taste of New York City! I’ll be wearing a black dress with red roses. Come say “hello”. We’ll be there at 6:30 P.M.