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May 4th, 2018

side of absolute, unwavering obedience, one thing that I expect from any dog of Mine is his simple, raw, unconditional, unwavering, single-minded love—the smiling, dumb, empty-headed, drooling-while-erect sort of love. I teach My human canines to show Me this love, and I am a tyrant in measuring how they demonstrate it to their Mistress. Men are glorious when reduced to this simple state, unclouded by delusions of choice, of bipedal dignity, of believing they have a will and destiny separate from Mine. It’s arousing and heart warming to see a male dispense with his ego, emptying his mind and soul of the delusion of separateness from the Female who owns his flesh, so that he may live beautifully simply, uncomplicated, and in a shamelessly aroused and affectionate state. Reduced, humbled, and controlled, the male is then trained in the basic motor functions of his newfound station in life: his doghood. Watch Me as I train My mutt to walk behind Me on all fours, heel, sit, and endure the rigors of obedience training. Watch him get it right. And, watch him get it wrong. In the end, they all head to the same place: absolute, unconditional, abject slavery to Me. Just as good boys should.

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