Tinnitus Ain't NO Joke

January 14th, 2018

So who has heard of Eric Clapton – pretty much anyone born in the 80’s and earlier.  It was just revealed that he’s suffering from Tinnitus. 🙁  This is an awful condition—so unbearable that some people contemplate suicide.  It’s incurable but it’s manageable if you learn to how to focus your attention elsewhere.  It comes in varying levels.  I wanted to make a quick mention of this because so many of us use ear buds nowadays.  These buds are more dangerous than the ones we used in the 90’s because they are smaller and require you to rev up the volume to block out background noise.  And if you’re a metal head, or any type of concert goer, use ear plugs.  Tinnitus can ruin your life if  you get a bad case of it.  Tell all your friends to pay attention to loud music and sounds and keep those ear buds at 30%!!