Happy Halloween!

October 30th, 2017

A Matriarchal Halloween Party Where Women Rule!
So what type of theme would best suit a Halloween party for FemDoms?
Hmmm, let Me contemplate this… A world where Women rule over males, of course!
Yes!  A reality where naked males lower themselves to the dirt without even the luxury of clothing.  A world where males are reduced to the status of animals and obedient house pets.  Sauntering arrogantly across their naked bodies the Women assert, without pretense or kid gloves, the ultimate truth on the nature between Women and the men who serve them: that males are interchangeable and equal in their slavery to Us, and where there are no alpha slaves among the interchangeable and disposable.  All males would offer themselves (with alacrity) to be crushed by Us— equally, without reservation, hope of favoritism, or recognition that they are of any value beyond their base, essential purpose to comfort Women, to make Women’s lives easier and to grant Women overall greater agency.  And each and every one of these beasts will LOVE Us all the more for giving them such a divine purpose! 🙂  🙂
Have a fun Halloween!

New Audio, Writing, and Photos entitled: "Stripping Away His Individuality" are now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

October 30th, 2017

New Audio, Photos, and Writing Update: Stripping Away His Individuality

New Audio, Writing, and Photos entitled: The 'Why' Behind Erotic Humiliation is now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

October 20th, 2017

Erotic Humiliation. What is it and why would one have an interest in being humiliated?  Erotic Humiliation is hard to conceptualize in writing.  You’ll have to see it in action or hear it in audio to capture its essence.
New Blog Writing, Photos and Audio: The “Why” Behind Erotic Humiliation.

(Note to My favorite male callers: this spanking, tiny-penis-micro-shooter humiliation audio is for  you. lol)


What I have learned from My experience in the world of FLR/Female Supremacy: “Nothing ever becomes real 'til it is experienced.”

October 12th, 2017

“Nothing ever becomes real ’til it is experienced.”
― John Keats

Below is My personal experience regarding Female Supremacy within a Female-Led Relationship. (As with each written blog post, video blurb, and article  I write on this website and blog— everything I publish is copyrighted material.  Ty.)


Is there any reason to believe Female Supremacy exists as a solid ideology within a Female led home and beyond FemDom BDSM and fetish?
If you tend to frequent the world of BDSM, you might have a hard time believing the doctrine of XX > XY can exist outside of fetishes and D/s games. Regardless, many relationships otherwise free of corporal punishment and D/s psychosexual control dynamics recognize the higher authority of the Woman in the relationship, and Women overall in the family.
It’s often spoken of in jest (She wears the pants in this relationship), but one would be mistaken to believe there’s never a thread of truth to such jests. While I’d never say the subtle to sometimes blatant examples of male-bashing seen in the media from time to time are synonymous with notions of Female Supremacy, they seem related to a distrust of and contempt for men comparatively to Women.
On the flip side, our infatuation with the influence and power of Women often goes beyond a simple itch for “establishing equality.”
Society, if you care to notice, has a mild obsession with Women, with how they look, how they dress, how they act, and so on. It (culture) may not be “Female Supremacist,” but it often seems increasingly Female-centric in that it spends a great deal of time focusing on Women, positively or even negatively.
All that aside, notions of Female Supremacy do in fact exist outside the vacuum of the Femdom paradigm (those who don’t want to acknowledge this fulfill a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy in what they “see”). If Female Supremacism didn’t reach too far beyond BDSM Femdom, I would imagine Ashely Montague wouldn’t have written that book of his in 1952, Erica Jong wouldn’t have gone on about the Female being the “more spiritually advanced sex,” Jane Alpert wouldn’t have seen Females as the new stewards of Mother Earth in the “next evolution” of humanity, destined to wrest “social and economic control” from men, and “Jane” Chalkstone, a suffragette, mind you, wouldn’t have been quoted for saying Women were a “great deal superior to men” in 1863.
As for the idea beliefs in Female Supremacy are strictly relegated to the antics of fetish or BDSM, one could answer by asking the following: do you happen to know at least one Woman or Girl in your life who smugly regards men in general as uncouth, predictable hornballs almost always malleable to Female persuasion?
Chances are you may.
They may not have ever whipped a man or slapped him silly to put him in line, but to assume there are no lesser or greater leanings toward “Female is better” with such sentiments meanders into the naive, I think. I understand the desire to paint all Female Supremacists as cultish dominatrices living a life of closet deviancy: it makes them look surreal and absurd, especially when one considers the cartoon BDSM has become in the public conscience.
What’s really absurd, however, is claiming all Female Supremacists are the same; that’s about as naive as asserting all Christians are the same, for instance.
Contrary to the negativity (and hope) of some, Female Supremacy isn’t just about adult play; it’s not all candied cherry ballgags, black latex rainbows, and bondage unicorns, unless that’s all it ever really means—to you.
-Are there Female Supremcists who incorporate overt dominance over men in the form of Mistress/slave relationships? Of course. See: www.saharaheve.com
-Are there Female Supremacists who are in otherwise traditional and loving relationships with men? Yes. See: www.saharaheve.com
-Are there Female Supremacists who want nothing to do with men whatsoever? Most certainly. We’re everywhere, and in many different forms, really. We may be your neighbor, your friend, and even your boss. We might be your Mother or Daughter. We might be your Girlfriend or Wife. Some of Us only express our sentiments intellectually or politically and some of us incorporate those sentiments strongly in Our lifestyles, with or without any particular “implements”. And of course, Female Supremacists come in many male forms, too— some merely playing the part for kink, and others passionately motivated in their beliefs.

New Photos and Article entitled “Erotic Castration: A Conundrum Only A Slave Can Wrap His Head Around” are now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

October 2nd, 2017

(People often ask whether Female Supremacy/Female-Led Relationships are centered around sex.  I composed the answer in a blog entitled: “Erotic Castration”.  See below.)

New Article:  “Erotic Castration: A Conundrum Only A Slave Can Wrap His Head Around”.