Site Security Update: Memberships Now Open

June 30th, 2017

Over the past few weeks, My site has been experiencing difficulties with new member signups. This was due, in part, to new SSL encryption security being placed in the system, which caused some trouble for My credit card processor. Several refunds were issued to those would-be members who attempted to join as we worked on resolving the issue.
As of today, new membership sign-ups are open once more. We’ve tested the system here several times and everything works as expected. Apologies to those who wanted to join but couldn’t, due to technical issues! I invite everyone who couldn’t access the site to rejoin. You’ll get in. Promise!
The upside to all these issues over the past week is that is now more secure than ever before. I take security quite seriously and My intent is to protect not only Myself, but all admirers, in turn. Your financial data is much safer here now and newcomers may sign up with piece of mind, knowing their information isn’t being possibly intercepted. The temporary wrinkle in things was worth that trouble in the end. 🙂

New Photos Update entitled “Mistress Intimates” is now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

June 29th, 2017

New Photos Update.

Every Mistress demands total nakedness and transparency in Her slaves.  That said, a wise Mistress must be able to see the unspoken, she must be able to empathize with the emotions of Her slaves.  This is not to say She must sympathize with Her slaves; rather, She should be able to see clearly their moods. Knowing the slaves’ moods is important because it allows Her to monitor their morale.   High morale is important for long-term productivity: when morale is up, productivity is up.  The way to boost someone’s morale is through recognition.  Everyone is inspired when they feel appreciated.  Real, authentic appreciation.  When slaves feel their Mistress recognizes their labor, it inspires them to do more.  A simple smile from Her lips is all it takes.  There are times, however, wherein My appreciation will come with certain rewards.  One such reward is letting the animals wash My intimates with their bare hands.  They love it.  See the photos inside.

New Video Update entitled “Public and House Etiquette” is now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

June 23rd, 2017

New Video Update.
Etiquette, decorum, and protocol are of critical importance in a well-functioning D/s household, so much that the lack of it can and will corrupt the spirit of Mistress and slave.  And while slavery is hard—sometimes unbearably hard with its unabated drudgery—a slave is quickened and enlivened by an arrangement of rules and protocols that leads them to understand and rely on the design in which they exist.
Roughly four years ago I posted My core ethos online for other Women to use with their slaves, should they find it helpful. I know more than a few have been leaning in on it, as a few sites/figures have literally published the document as their own. Since then, I’ve received several requests to speak more about the rules I implement for My slaves, and in considering the interest, I decided to shoot a video that incorporates these public and house etiquette rules. Once every so often, I have My slaves recite these rules, but this time I read them out loud for the viewer.

Welcome Aboard

June 22nd, 2017

New members, welcome!
Video coming later on House and Public rules for all slave-husbands!

Happy Father's Day

June 18th, 2017

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads past and present, step-dads, dads-to-be, dads-wannabees, and acting dads!


New Photos Update entitled "Foot Stool" is now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

June 7th, 2017

New Photos Update.

(Larger resolution inside)

New Voice Update entitled "Choice-Based Slavery: Self-Preservation and Internal Conflicts" is now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

June 6th, 2017

New Audio Update.

On My Niteflirt advice line, I am sometimes asked how do My slaves deal with slavery and the letting go of the ego.  I don’t put much weight into the concept of “Ego” as I don’t see a separation of you and I.  The ego is a defense mechanism which says: “It’s me against the world.”   In Eastern philosophy teachings, we are all interconnected, interrelated and interdependent:  you can not exist without I; I can not exist without you.  The feeling of an isolated “I” is a mirage.  That said, this doesn’t help those seeking to learn how one abandons the ego in choice-based slavery.
Therefore, I have decided to write an essay about self-preservation, the internal conflicts that arise from same, and resolutions which may help.  Some men may see themselves in what I have to say.  Others may find this useful for future reference should they enter choice-based slavery.