New Photos Update entitled “New Years Eve Celebration” is available in the Private Journal of the Member Area

December 29th, 2016

New Photos update in the Private Member side.

(Previous update fixed – “published”.)

New Writing and Photo Update entitled “Eternal Regret” will be available in the Private Journal of the Member Area

December 22nd, 2016

New Photo and Writing update in the Private Member side (scheduled for December 23.)

Reverence for Self-Image

December 22nd, 2016

He looks surprisingly cute, doesn’t he?  He’s got the “Bitch” look down!  But My word, what big hands!  Someone has over-looked this minor detail in Photoshop; it’s common knowledge his hands are on the small side.  Perhaps this is the source of the big, tough-guy persona?
Some cross-dressers are submissive, and many more don’t have a reverence for serving and living under Female authority.  The reverence they do have is for appearance and self-image. Living under Female authority is inconsequential—a mere by-product of their kinks.  I think he would be a great cross-dresser (just not the submissive type); he loves attention and is entirely self-serving!  LOL. Go Donna Trump!


New Writing Update entitled "Dear Mistress" is now available in the Private Journal of the Member Area

December 19th, 2016

New Writing update in the Private Member side.

Dear Mistress

December 19th, 2016

Letter from a slave regarding jealousy.  It’s an intro; the rest of the letter can be found in the Private Journal section of the Member area. 
Unfortunately, I have not received in-put from other Mistresses regarding this issue.  They are much better at vetting than I!    
I hope this perspective teaches readers a thing or two on what it’s like to live among other male slaves.  
Dear Mistress,
i have been with You along with other males many years now.  You have taken me with You to various vacations while also towing Your other slaves.  i have not had any trouble with that.  Of course, i could always prefer to be alone with You, but at the same time, i appreciated that it was what You wanted, and this was more important than any other consideration to me.
In some ways, i also enjoy the presence of other males because i love the way they are all at Your beck and call.  i love seeing You ruling Your court of males with such natural ease and graceful imperiousness.  You are always as sitting on a throne, and all is centered on You.  You are talking, giving orders, demanding, joking.
You are adorable and very natural, joyful.  You are that rare, epitome of Femdom authenticity.
But the orders snapped from Your pretty fingers!  All our attention is completely centered on You, as should be.  Yes, i love seeing this, and being part of Your stable.  Each time You are taking me with You for a vacation or a weekend getaway, i am always happy and grateful, knowing very well that You could instead have left me at Your house.
i could never be jealous of other slaves in the stable, or Your enjoying the presence and company of other males.  i am humble in this, naturally and genuinely.  You are free and You should enjoy life, go out, see other people, be appreciated, celebrated and loved.  i am, by nature, Your slave, it is normal You would leave me when it suits You.  You have taught me that my place is in Your shadow, waiting for You, thinking of You, loving and missing You, but always adoring You.  Ready to welcome You with love and loyal adoration, as Your dog.
But at the same time, i admit it very humbly too, i have cravings to be alone with You all the time.  You have taught me that my feelings are relevant, bearing they do not interfere with You and Your whims.  i humbly thank You for caring enough to hear our perspectives.  You are a most gracious Owner.  i am lucky that You deign to listen to me and to sometimes take me out alone and i am truly forever grateful.  Per Your request, below, please find Your slave’s composition on jealousy.  The best way this slave can rely his humble opinion is to tell You about an experience i had when You enjoyed Yourself on a night out with another of Your slaves.
Respectfully, slave

New Photos and Writing entitled "Tiny Tim Gets His Ass Kicked" are now available within the Private Journal of the Member Area.

December 13th, 2016

New Photos and Writing update in the Private Member side.
Happy Holidays Everyone!

New Video and Writing entitled "Confined and Teased" are now available within the Private Video and Journal Page of the Member Area.

December 6th, 2016

New Video and Writing Update in the Private Member side.
My poor beast.  He loves to eat.  He can’t help himself: he’s French.  The French love good wine, rich foods, etc!  If left to his own accord he would snack on bread all day.  A new video and writing has been added regarding a little tease I do to My slave during dinner-time.

A Good Ass Kiss!

December 6th, 2016

My, how you put the flip in flip flop, Romney boy!