Foreign Hopeful Introductory Essay

October 29th, 2016

We have posted a letter from a foreign-slave hopeful.  He’s from a patriarchal country and he’s English is broken.  I decided to have his introductory essay posted to show the cultural realities of foreign slaves and the internal conflicts resulting from Female domination interests.

Dear Foreign Members

October 25th, 2016
Because English isn’t your native tongue, a few of you have asked that we put the latest hypnosis audio into a text format.  The hypnosis contains a voice-over of a letter I had written to My long-distance slave, which was transformed into a hypnosis Audio clip.  We were happy to do this and have transcribed the letter into a JPEG.  Enjoy!


[Snippet]  Dear Slave, You are trapped, imprisoned by My decree over you. You never thought you could find yourself so strictly controlled. You need to feel domesticated. With just a few words, I simply subject you to My iron control. My power is such that it takes nothing more and you are held imprisoned.   And when I decree it, it makes you feel so happy, so grateful that I would deign to impose My will upon you in this way, to submit you to My rule. And as times goes by, you realize now how oppressive it is, and how you adore Me for imposing My law upon you, how you adore Me for domesticating you in this way. It is so paradoxical….[Snippet End/] 

50 Shades of Darker

October 21st, 2016

50 Shades of Grey makes BDSM look a bit dysfunctional (it can certainly be depending on the individuals); however, the silver lining is it challenges the mainstream to think outside the box about sex!
It’s nice to see the DSM Diagnostic Criteria for BDSM revise its codes to announce BDSM is no longer a mental illness!
Tie him up, Ladies!

Low Back Pain? Deep Inside?

October 7th, 2016

So My girlfriend from Florida is a fetish clothing model.  She stands to the side, putting all her weight on one hip, while taking photos – as most models do.  Thing is, she also stands this way.  After so many years, she started to develop low back pain.  Ladies can get this from pregnancy too I hear.  Anyway, if you’re a Woman or a man and you can’t seem to pin-point the area of your low back pain you may want to read up on SI Joint Dysfunction.  Youtube members have put up videos describing this issue and how to do exercises to 1.  alleviate the pain, and 2.  readjust the out-of-place hip.  Aren’t youtubers so generous and sweet to help people!!
Here are some good ones, among many: