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September 28th, 2016
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September 28th, 2016

To the cross-dressers and/or sissies who have written to us over the past month— thanks for sharing with Me your stories and perspectives on the blog entry Through Knowledge Comes Compassion.  Your information will be vital to those who will be reading the book.
Ps. And to the naughty sissies who left “very” detailed emails regarding your “sissy escapades”: I now have a myriad of ideas to choose from thanks to you, lol!

The Knotted Mind of An Intolerant Cynic

September 23rd, 2016

“It is clear that the Individual who persecutes a man, his brother, because he is Not of the same Opinion, is a Monster.”

― Voltaire


Female Dominance: Katharine Hepburn as a Warrior Princess!

September 23rd, 2016
How sexy is this?  Ms. Katharine Hepburn in the controversial Broadway play:  The Warrior’s Husband.  My girlfriend who has a fetish for men in kilt skirts sent this to Me.  Love it!!
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September: Prostate Awareness Month

September 21st, 2016

Learn about Prostate Cancer.

FemDom in Mainstream!

September 21st, 2016

So nice to see FemDom in mainstream commercials!  This Lady knows how to use that whip!
Dominatrix | Wonderful Pistachios

Compliments of the lovely: Isabella Sinclaire.

Through Knowledge Comes Compassion

September 19th, 2016
Men identifying as “sissies” (cross-dressers) in the Fem-Dom world find fun and sexual gratification in role playing the Female stereotypes.  That said, it’s not always fun and games for every cross-dresser. For some males, cross-dressing is more than a kinky pastime; role-playing Female stereotypes is how they self-identify. Unfortunately, for these individuals, locked within is often a world of quiet suffering. They are especially vulnerable to loneliness and interpersonal difficulties from being stigmatized to feeling isolated and helpless. Below you will find an example of a self-identified, college-20-something year old “sissy”.  I met him recently after learning about his frustrations in finding a girlfriend, being accepted, etc. He was kind enough to engage Me in his personal struggles. Below are excerpts of our email exchanges (Mine omitted).
Begin email exchange:
[Date]  Thank you for the concern Miss. It is hard but I am managing. The hardest part is hiding who I truly am from my friend’s and family. But soon I plan to move far away. I just have to finish my year with the army and, find someone somewhere that needs a roommate.
[Date]  Thank you Miss a lot of that I already knew. But most women into Femdom think it is about taking others money. I hate that. I don’t think that is love and I don’t want any part of it.
[Date]  Thank you Miss but I was talking about FinancialDom, it makes me so mad. But I hate how people confuse FinancialDom with Femdom, that is what makes me mad. Just because I am a submissive feminine boy. They think I have an interest in throwing money at cute girls with no intention of a loving relationship, it pisses me off so much. Those kinds of people make Femdom look bad.
[Date]  I am a 21 y/o very feminine and submissive boy (not a man). I am looking for a dominant girlfriend that is interested in feminizing a submissive boy (being me). I need also need a place to be myself. My family doesn’t understand who I truly wanna be. I’m also interested in playing video games and finding cute things on the Internet. I also wanna be treated like a little girl, princess, doll, etc.  Sorry that all I got.  I am not very good at this.
As a sissy I have a constant need to feel cute and to pleasure someone to feel needed. But the thing about searching for a girlfriend, as a sissy is if you are shy about being a sissy you can’t just find a girl in public, most girls are grossed out about things like this and don’t understand why we do these things. So basically you have to use the Internet and end up talking to random women. In fact you don’t even know if they are a woman. Especially if they don’t wanna prove it. I have run into so many people that have played around with my feelimgs. I am tired of this, most of the time I am on the brick of crying. Thank you for taking a concern in my life Miss.  I think i first became a sissy when my big sister asked if I wanted to play dress up. She dressed me and my twin brother in her clothes. Ever since I can’t but want to wear cute things and want to be dressed up like a doll. Basically I want my partner to do whatever she wants to me as long as I am into what she is into.
[Date]  Oh yeah I only like women telling me what to do too.  I also very needy. I want my partner to at least check in once a day during the long distance relationship unless you can find someone in [Location Omitted].  But also note I want to be able to move in about a year or 2.
I haven’t done anything outside my home regarding being a sissy. But all my life I have tried to be normal. But I can’t do it.I wanna feel different and I like being a sissy. But as far as I am concerned my family doesn’t understand this side. But it is also hard to just trust someone over the Internet. As I previously stated I am lied to too many times. I have had many break downs telling myself i was going to stop being a sissy and looking for a Domme. But a few hours later I am back at it.
Always looking at girls wishing I was them. Searching for girl clothes thinking about buying them. But not knowing if I can hide them from my family. Also on top of that I have trouble maintaining hygiene. Because I would rather use feminine products. Also I  can’t maintain my body hair and mostly I am going bald. I don’t feel comfortable being a boy at all.
I am interested in trying to be a full-time sissy. Would to like having a girlfriend that loves to parade me around showing me off even though I hate it. But I secretly like it and she does it because she knows it and wants to show my that I can’t be a woman. But if being a full-time sissy doesn’t make me stop hating my dick. I actually will not touch myself even masturbate because I think touching my dick is gross.
But if I feel like it is necessary to get a sex change. Or my partner thinks I need it, I will definitely get a sex change. But I think I am bi. But i lean towards women. Also i get horny off of thinking about a woman telling me to have sex with a guy.  I am also a virgin never experienced an actually relationship and I like trying new things.
Ever since I was _ i wanted to dress up in girl clothes. It first started because big sister wanted to play dress up. She dressed me and my twin brother in her clothes. When my parents found out they made her stop. But I continued by stealing panties from family members. Also I began researching about wearing girl clothes on the Internet. Around _ y/o I think I decided I was a sissy. My parents also found my panty stash and made me throw them in the trash. Then they began to yell at me like i did something wrong. After that I begin to try to keep my secret even more of a secret. A few times I have even been depressed and ended up thinking about being normal again. But I always ended up thinking about wearing panties.
As time went by i read stories and looked at pictures about sissies. Through all of that I tried to masturbate but I ended figuring out it wasn’t for me. But I do like anal pleasure it is the only way pleasure myself. Always thinking sissies were for men’s pleasure. Then I found out about Dommes and I fell in love. I started searching for a dominant girlfriend. I also became a furry because I love bats so my first fursona was a bat. Then I realized that not many people like bats so then my fursona become a puppy after a couple of years. I tried Facebook first but all ran into is people faking to be someone they are not. Then I moved on to IMVU I found a very nice woman. But she never wanted to do a video chat. She left me, I don’t know why but I think it was my fault. Probably because I constantly asked to do a video chat. But only because I have ran into so many people that were faking to be someone else. I only asked for one video.
I’m so tired of the bullshit I am starting to think no one actually care about me. After that  it has just be me looking on random websites for a dominant girlfriend. I have even lowered my standards a couple of times hoping it would help me to find someone. But nothing… I don’t understand why someone as loyal and devoted to pleasuring a woman as me has such a hard time finding a woman. I guess it could be the location, I hate it here in [omitted]. I plan to move in a year but I need a Mistress/Goddess/Mommy. Someone to move to because I am very depressed where I am right now. I have even thought about suicide a few time because of my family and where I live. I can’t deal with being a normal person. I need a girlfriend to make me feel feminine, delicate, and take care of me. But I know I am not the only one looking for a girl to doll him up.
[Date]  I want to be a woman because I don’t like being a male. Especially after seeing all the things that other males have done. I know there are some good males out there. But that is another reason I want a girlfriend. I know girls are likely to do the same thing. But I think males are mostly the cause of that problem. But still also stand with the fact I wanna know what it feels like to be a female. Aside from all the bullshit women deal with I wanna be a woman. I think it all makes women look more strong and beautiful. Which is why I want a Mommy/ Mistress. Women are way better than men. But that isn’t the main reason I wanna be a woman. Is mostly because I don’t feel comfortable with a dick. Sorry if what I type is confusing.
I should also mention I want to be taught how to be a good girl. Starting as if I were toddler because I feel like I missed out on that. That probably sounds stupid but I am standing with it.
[Date]  So do you think can help me become a feminine boy? It is fine if you can’t. I have lived this long without being femme. I am just glad you call it feminine boy. I don’t like the term feminine male because I feel like I can still be categorized as a man. I know I am not a man, it hurts every time someone mentions something about manhood.
I don’t want to be considered a man.
[Date]  Well it was so long ago I am not sure what started this. I think it was because I was bullied. But I always saw everyone being nice to the pretty girls. I think it all started because I wanted to feel accepted by everyone. I didn’t wanna feel sad because someone hated me because of who I was. In fact i would fight back because I didn’t want to be like them. But it turned me into who I am today. But because of all of that I tried find many ways to be a girl. I guess a came to a realization that wasn’t possible that all I would be considered if I came out was a sissy. In fact I wish ran into a girl at college that would of tried to feminize me. I don’t think I can do it to myself because I don’t know if anyone would end up liking me in the end. Which is why I want a girlfriend to dominate me at least she will know what she is doing. But it isn’t just the bullying that after so many year of think this way. I have seemed to grow a dislike feeling toward my male parts. I can’t explain all of it and that probably sounds stupid. Sorry I have a hard time explaining things to people all the time.
I think a little bit of it is I don’t want to become like my dad, and all the other man out that can’t control their anger. That probably sounds stupid also.
[Date]  You are helping me more than I am helping you. It is easy to forget about these things when you have other things to worry about. Have you ever thought about being a therapist for people like me? But do you think we can dig deeper Miss?
[Date]  I also feel I need to mention I am just searching for the place I belong and I can be the real me.

(If there are any Mistresses seeking a sweet, 20-something year old sissy, kindly email Me for his details.)


September 6th, 2016

Below is an email I received a while back.  He’s from Europe.   “horse” heidi horse blog 2016

Hello Goddess,
I want to start by thanking You for Your amazing videos, finally dreams i thought never could be reality, are reality.
Since the start of my puberty i always had thoughts, i always wanted to be a slave, toy, object, dog or anything useful for a Woman.
I just wanted to worship her.. Cleaning the house while she is relaxing, Worshipping her feet.. Being a furniture for Her.
Walking like a dog behind her..
Being used by her, and having NO RIGHTS of saying anything.
So just to anything She says, and She wants… No own rights, and nothing is Mine, even Im not Mine, im HERS.
Bowing down untill She wants to ‘use’ me. Kissing her feet while she is reading a book..
Doing things to Amuse her, doing Anything she says.. I always wanted to Serve a Woman, but Not alone.. I wanted Me and many other slaves/dogs serving her..
And we all do anything She says..
Worshipping her, Our god.. Please her..
These were thoughts i always had..
Then i started to search on Internet if i might could find anything.. I found many videos, mistresses, dominatrixes and ‘ goddesses’
But they all weren’t Like Ms Saharah Eve.. They were doing it because of the money, so actually you PAY them to DO what YOU want..
Thats not a real slavery.. Because “The Mistress’ Is doing what you Pay her for.. So actually You are telling whats happening..
Thats nothing at all what i wanted..
I then started searching and searching more in the hope i could find someone..
Then that day, 1 year ago i found the Website https://https://
I saw the pictures and i thought WOOW, is this true?
I didn’t think a moment and i joined it.
WOOW, it was so amazing.. It was like a dream came true..
This is what is always wanted.. To serve a TRUE Goddess.. But not Only that… Ms Saharah eve is for me The most beautiful Woman ever..
Everything perfect.. Everything.. Her Perfect feet.. Perfect voice..
And then the way She walks want me automatically follow her like a dog.. walking behind Her. I wanted to be a human furniture for her..
Worship her feet in Public.. Carrying all her stuff when she goes to the beach..
And worship her with those other ‘slaves’..
Worship her, and being used by her.. Thats all i want..
She is just perfect… And We all should Serve Her, but We aren’t all worth it..
I hope i can become your slave..
Thank you for everything Goddess, and i hope im Worth it to ever serve you..
I will do anything to Worship you.
Male from Europe,

Terminology in FemDom

September 1st, 2016

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