On Jealousy

August 22nd, 2015

There is a certain freedom found in slavery; a freedom a slave could never have attained otherwise.  A simple yet essential truth is slaves are freed from themselves; they are absolved of the shortcomings that have adulterated their previous lives.   Including jealousy?  See private journal entitled:  Jealously and Unconditional Love.

Thank you!

August 3rd, 2015

Thank you to everyone who sent a Happy Birthday wish to Me. 🙂  To those that asked, thank you – yes, you can always send an Amazon E-Gift card to My email; I never turn down a gift!  Use sead.inquiry@ymail.com.
And yes, you may also use an Amazon Gift E-card to speak with Me on the phone if you do not want to go thru My advice line on NF.  Just use the same email address above and someone will email you details.
To all those that responded to the Female-Led Relationship private party invite – – yes, the party is private, meaning absolutely no cameras allowed.  Sorry.
And finally, if you’re in the Tampa area on the 23rd of August, check out the great cast of when they headline a film event!
Legion of Ru
Have a great rest of the summer.