What? No swinging from chandlers everyday?

June 3rd, 2015

ordinary_blogAs readers familiar with My site know, I’m not one to “play” at slavery. In My interpersonal relationships, I take the word “slave” quite literally.  Voluntary slavery and psychological bondage, with Me, is as real as real gets.   It is important to understand the differences between choice-based slavery and the recreational diversions that seem to look like it at a passing glance.  This is not a game to dismiss with a word or cast aside at a whim.  Incorporating 24/7 servitude into a Female-led relationship takes insight, time, and patience.  Once established, it is, in My view, a most intellectually and sexually satisfying form of human intimacy.  That said, it is equally important to mention that slavery in a Female-led based relationship can be MUNDANE – like ordinary life and has many things that have nothing to do with sex.   For those looking for steamy, kinky sex everyday, you may want to look elsewhere.  Yes, there are moments of explicit eros, and sensual, nuanced things the camera never shows (most of which I choose not to share).  As I have written several years back, slavery is a state of being; it is a Way of Life, from morning to evening.  It encompasses the entire spectrum of human existence and is not fleshed out merely in fantastical scenes.