Guys, You Don’t Have to be Sissies or Cross-Dressers

March 5th, 2015

Hey, there. Yup, I’m talking to you, dear hetero-normative male reader who happened to have wandered here to My blog.
You know, I truly respect the fact that you’re interested in Female dominance, if even to read about it in the vicarious medium that is the Internet. But do you want to know what I respect even more? I’ll tell it to you straight: it’s the fact that you’re a fire-breathing, red-blooded male who feels a craving for (or even a curiosity in) truly kneeling at the feet of a Woman.
I wouldn’t want you to think the entirety of Femdom is a fetish industry with legions of pretty sissies, cross dressers, transsexuals, cuckolds, and otherwise closeted gay men who seek intermediary Mistresses to indulge them in a veiled love affair with all things phallic. Hey, if you’re into that sort of thing, fantastic; variety is what makes life interesting.  I speak only for Myself and I’m not here to say there’s only one true way to enjoy Female dominance.  There’s an army of shiny, scintillating, fun professional Dominatrices who, with zeal and aplomb, support the industry that Femdom has become. Not every Woman seeks the light of that stage, however.
In My personal world, a man wanting to serve doesn’t have a secret desire to be a sissy and dress in panties, garter belts, wear makeup, and then be called every degrading word known to humanity, because, hey, he’s actually not an inverted misogynist. Seriously, many (though not all) are!  You also don’t have to be secretly gay or want to be emasculated or cuckolded.  All you want to do is live purely in your maleness—to work for the approval and pleasure of your ideal Alpha Female, a Woman who naturally knows how to and enjoys making your inner gears tick. So, guided by these desires, you look for a Woman who may encapsulate them…and you look… and you look. But your search leaves you a little twitchy, scratching your head, and sometimes just closing out your browser in quiet disgust. Between closeted gay men pretending to be submissive, “human ATMs”, self-berating “losers,” infantilists, cross dressers, self-identified sissies, cuckolds, and all other permutations of personalities in between that seek roundabout ways to get pegged (literally or figuratively, lol), you find yourself feeling more than just a little alienated by it all.
I want you to know that there are Mistresses in the world who like you for who you are and what you’re looking for. Truth be told, a smart, heterosexual submissive man who truly appreciates and adores Women—a man who isn’t just caught up in fetishes—is what many dominant Women are looking for. Yes, many professional Dominatrices advertise in glossy ads and websites about their love of “transformation,” sissification, and feminization. They give you a menu of their services for you to peruse in the event you’d like to pay for a session.  But in the secrecy of their hearts, what do dominant Women want? Often, it’s the same as most vanilla Women, I would assert: being loved and revered as the most important force in the world to the men they feel strong affinities to. Having all his masculine powers at Her fingertips, to control his libidinous energies, draw sustenance from them, and feel protected by his undying love…this is where it’s truly at for the Female of our species.
Don’t get Me wrong. Sissies and the like are amusing and entertaining. I’ve even partaken of that amusement Myself.  But effeminate men are not what all Women want, especially as consensual slaves. So for the man looking for something more beyond the dystopia that is the Internet’s fetish industry, take heart in knowing that what sells isn’t necessarily what jells with every dominant Female in the long run. Beyond the common memes and the ephemeral psychodrama of popular fetish role play acting, there are other worlds that wait patiently for you to arrive upon their shores. Authentic dominant Females are much like islands wreathed in mist on a vast ocean. Getting to Us requires a pure vision and some good navigation, but like all things in life, that which is worthwhile cannot be attained without some measure of effort, patience, and a little pain.
So, stay the course, “Mr. Normal.” Don’t feel like you have to fit into any of the popular molds that the fetish industry has carved out for you; there’s a place for everyone here.  Hold out for that Woman who sees your worth as a man and commands you to kneel at Her feet—a Woman who will find comfort in your servitude and who will have no fear of what lies before Her in life because She has you behind Her. She won’t want to virtually remove your man-part or degrade your maleness. She’ll want to augment your maleness, in fact, so that your bestial tractability, your masculine energies, and sexual drives are aligned with Her and serve only Her. That, to Me, at least, is the true essence and function of Female dominance.