Reintroducing: The Audience Guide for Inquirers

January 4th, 2015

enthronedv3Some time ago I had a tried-and-true system that filtered out the sincere from the not-so-sincere men, the weekend ass-slappers from the knights on quests, and the authentic servant-minded from the randy would-be clients looking for call girls with whips. Before that system, the floods of emails coming in from men looking to, ahem, “serve” were (let’s be nice and avoid the expletives) 98% nonsense. I knew there were many more men in the world with an authentic interest in the experience of truly serving a Woman and not to simply engage in a wink-and-nudge game of paying pro-Dominatrices to pretend they were their Mistresses for as long as the session checks cleared.
The latter problem has turned more into a sort of “Femdom epidemic” today and part of its cause isn’t always the fault of the men, either.
There is an awful lot to filter for the average newbie on the Internet, from college Girls looking to make some money off to the side to fetish Celebrities who hustle without any conscience or even partial remorse for the terms and ideas that are being twisted to suit their commercial agendas. In the world of the pro-Dominatrix, “slave” is typically another word for “client” and “serving” is nothing more than a catchphrase for scheduling a session. Men see this tripe regurgitated over and over until words—serious words that actually should mean things—mean little to nothing at all.
So yes, the state of Femdom can sometimes be a train wreck often leading to profound misunderstandings. As such, the state of knowing what a Mistress actually is and what slavery means tends to be a similar train wreck. With that in mind, it seems more important than ever to filter out the emails I receive. I can not be expected to keep up with the increasing numbers of men thinking that having foot fetishes makes them slaves, lol.
So men, from here on, the only way to possibly appeal to serving Me is to go through a rigid series of steps that I will outline in My Audience Guide. The Audience Guide will not be free, of course. Every man who decides to attempt reading the contents of this guide will be expected to part with some green. That’s right. And for those of you who are already moaning, you’re dismissed. 🙂
For those still reading, you can mosey on over to My Contact Page where I provide more details about how to obtain this guide. Before you even think about doing so, however, I ask you to be honest with yourself. If you’re looking for a fetishist or pro-Domme (Dominatrix), please don’t bother. There are many beautiful, exciting, skilled Pros out there who would be perfect for your interests, but I’m certainly not one of them. If you really know what a Mistress is and if you really think you have a handle on what consensual slavery actually entails, go get it, boys!