The Inevitability of Polyandry in Female Supremacy Households

September 26th, 2014

(Excerpt of full article found inside the Private Journal)
(snip) It’s not that I have a problem with monogamy, mind you. To each their own, of course. For Me and other Mistresses, however, monogamy is an established institution of conformity that we refuse to have imposed upon us, as that would limit us. Men who come to us and profess a desire for slavery must inevitably accept this reality: As alpha Females, we will not be held bound to tacit courtship mores that has become common thinking and sometimes find their ways even into the thought processes of submissive men. We won’t allow you, our males, to think you somehow possess us, for we possess you. This isn’t about romantic foregone conclusions or notions of mutual fidelity. This isn’t about dating or the patriarchal institution of marriage. This is about slavery to Female Keepers in a Female-led household under the mantle of Female supremacy and all powers it gives Women within it. A relationship under such tenets is one that naturally and quite logically recognizes polyandry—that no male is exclusive or the possessor of the Female in any form, no matter how abstract. He is the possession and he, by nature of his commitment to Her, possesses nothing, save what the Mistress permits him to keep. She will openly display affection and attention upon one male or the next in Her circle and She does this with the comfort of knowing that Her males, serving from the true spirit of love, want for nothing but Her happiness and pleasure. Jealousy, while somewhat impossible to completely route out of the human animal, must remain a distant rumor to these men, nonetheless. Any instinct to possess Her and keep Her from other men is an enemy within, for She is not yours to claim; you are Her possession, in fact. Even if She grants you sexual access, this does not mean She won’t grant that same access to another. The practice of open and unapologetic polyandry is Female dominance incarnate, for it is the Female who is the gatekeeper of sex, and as such, She will rightfully exercise that choice in comfort.
That overt comfort is the ideal, at least, but sometimes not the reality. The problem that crops up now and then is that some men realize they can’t cope with the reality of serving Women like Me. Knowing who and what I am and knowing what slavery entails at least in theory, they make a bid to serve Me. Consumed with desire, they become romantically attached, and then before long develop jealousies over other males in My circle. Drawing inward, they lose sight of their original aim to serve Me and please Me and instead begin to view their relationship with Me through the lens of jealousy and possessiveness. Somewhere along the way, My steadfast would-be servant, once so light-footed and enthusiastic, grows a little dark, and before long, the original vision of slavery so earnestly pursued is lost in service to something else entirely: the subversive illusions male ego and jealousy.
These men, inevitably, fail in serving Me, for they cannot accept their place as one among others in a stable of slaves that I keep. They cannot accept that I may engage in sexual or emotional intimacy with other slaves and so they are either dismissed or eventually opt to dismiss themselves in any number of ways—some direct and some not so direct.
(More follows inside in the Private Journal)

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