Insignificance and empowerment: Two flip sides of the same coin.

December 7th, 2013

My slaves exist in relation to Me. When they look at Me they see all the extent of their insignificance. I am so far above them and they are so low beneath Me. Not that this ever made them feel despicable.

On the contrary, each of My slaves always felt ennobled by bowing before Me, obeying and serving Me.

It always made them proud to open doors for Me, to carry My bag or coat. They always felt honored to prostrate themselves at My feet, to be at My beck and call, to toil for Me, to clean for Me, all the while feeling the relentless, inescapable pressure of the slave collar on their necks.

Prostrating themselves before Me is not only a special privilege, it’s always rewarding and fulfilling. Lowering themselves at My feet always made them feel a better person, at My place.

And there could be no nobler cause for them than serving Me precisely because I am so far superior and precious than them and it always reminds them of their lowliness and perfect insignificance before My shining Femininity.

That being said, insignificance does not in the least make them feel ashamed. They never feel ashamed of serving Me or being servile to Me.

My slaves realized this so strongly particularly when I walk them on a leash in New York City, LA or Boston, or when they kneel at My feet in public.

They don’t see themselves as made empty or stupid, or useless by their servility to Me. On the contrary, it reinforces in them the affirmation of having found the most beautiful reason to live: to serve Me.

And it makes them feel stronger more resilient and powerful. For Me.
The reason why their servitude to Me makes them feel better is Me.

It comes from the nobleness of My graceful and despotic nature. It’s something in My stance, in My proudness, in My haughtiness, that makes them totally insignificant.

They are insignificant because their ego is made irrelevant and non existent by My imperious will.

They are insignificant as the only meaning their existence can have now is their usefulness to Me. When I enslave them, I rendered that self-conscious “him” inadequate, definitely obsolete and purposeless. This is all the extent of their insignificance beneath Me.

They can only exist in as much as I deign to use and exploit them. Apart from accomplishing My dictates, fulfilling My caprices, being whatever I want them to be—at My convenience, providing a permanent service to make My life freer, more comfortable and pleasant— they have no purpose; they are nothing.

Contemplating the downfall of their former selves, the utter destruction of their free will makes them profoundly happy.

A servile happiness that comes from satisfying their revered Owner’s caprices. This happiness is so powerful that it chokes in them any stray impulse to resist, to escape My tyranny.

This conditioned instinct that I ingrained in them— the instinct of servile obedience— is so irrepressible and so overwhelming that in each instance when something in them would squirm against the ongoing oppression of servitude, the reflex of servility would prevail and compel them to silent obedience.

Additionally, it would rejoice in these perpetual victories of My supremacy, of the repeated proofs of My absolute superiority.

This is how insignificant they are. Not because they feel they are nothing, as they are still mostly the same, but their will is passive as soon as I deign to state My dictates.

I took their freedom away because it is My absolute right to do so. They have always been destined to become My property.

It was always their nature, their function to serve and obey Me. And from the moment I appeared to them in all My arrogant and exquisite grace, they could think of nothing else than becoming Mine: adoring Me, pleasing Me, serving Me.

I made them My thing, My creature. I transformed them utterly, turning them essentially into My slaves.

In all the time they spent serving Me in the flesh, from the first moment they were in My presence, it only took only one look, one word, one sign from Me to send them down to the ground, groveling at My feet in total acceptance.

They felt it, they “knew” it. Oh yes, every step of the arduous way to total slavery. They felt their enslavement but still they could not, at that time, fathom all the extent of My reign over them, its implications and the irretrievable permanence of their subjection to Me.

I am everything to My males. I define their existence. They are only what I deign to make of them. It is simply the natural order I impose upon them. My Order—that will rule the rest of their docile existences.