New Beginnings

August 23rd, 2013

As a rule, once I have set My pretty foot on a male’s neck the animal will remain My devoted property for the rest of his life. Even if capricious and demanding as I can be, I am quite likely to get bored and give the poor sod the boot, the miserable creature will keep on being My slave forever. It happened that way for all the males I’ve deigned to enslave. Even when I have discarded them and completely forgotten about their existence they are simply incapable of getting over their obsessive attachment to Me. Now mind you, I don’t blame the poor creatures. I understand that when a male has been so lucky as to become enslaved to a Woman such as Me, he should be forever inconsolable to have been released— for whatever reason. I can imagine how bleak and sordid freedom must seem after the chains of servitude under My law. Some of My former slaves are actually quite touching in their struggles, so much so that I may even take pity on them. As in the case of this male who, after serving me for many years, cannot be expected to ever get himself another life. I know he only lives for a chance, any chance, to serve Me— however menially and I find it quite convenient to keep My former slaves at My beck and call for whatever purpose. Thus, I condescended to help him in his misery. It’s really not much for Me anyway. Males are simple animals, they need guidance and discipline and once trained as slaves they can’t live without being in the firm grip of a strong Woman. Since he is not any more subjected to My permanent control, I have decided to fit this one with a chastity cage. It takes so little to reign in the basic instincts in males and keep them under control. Look how grateful the silly animal was when I presented him with his cage. It makes him so happy to be once again subjected to My will. I know it will work wonders on him.
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