Expectations of a Slave

May 17th, 2013

As I have mentioned recently, I do accept that My slaves love Me.  In so doing, I know I am showing exceptional leniency and openness of mind.

It is indeed very generous of Me since by condescending to tolerate a slave’s adoration for Me, no matter how far beneath Me, how insignificant he might be as a male, I acknowledge

I do see it as only natural that a male should be consumed with love for Me, his Keeper.  I even accept his being haunted permanently by My beauty.  Providing his carnal desires remain strictly chastised and reigned in, I see them as conducive to the perfect servility I demand of him.

I am after all a Goddess to My lowly creature, the incarnation of the Feminine ideal, the inaccessible idol he’s sacrificing all, freedom, comfort, even security to serve for life.

I see no reason to reject his passionate love any more than I’d reject the loyal affection of My dog.  And just as with a dog, depending on My whim, at times I will reward him with My attention, even My affection.

A good slave will receive such exceptional gestures of appreciation from his Mistress as priceless gifts from his inaccessible Goddess.

He will cherish them and they will serve to reinforce his eternal devotion and gratitude for Me.  But there are also those males who, never fully resigned to their abject servitude, probably suffering from delusions of equality with their Keeper, will want to exploit Her empathy, seeing a chance to inch their way into some sentimental, reciprocal attachment with Her.

Soon, misunderstanding any benevolent signs of kindness from Her, they will begin to feel entitled to love and respect, even romance, in return for their own needy passion.

This can never be tolerated. This is tantamount to leaping on the couch for a dog in some pitiful attempt at feeling comfortable on an equal footing with his Mistress.

A slave is a slave, period.   And while a slave is still human, he must know and embrace he can never entertain any hope of getting above his servile condition.

In My house, slaves are animals, they belong to the ground at My feet, groveling.  While I welcome– on My terms, sincere displays of their absolute adoration and love for Me, and I will often graciously reward such with an affectionate pat.

I will mercilessly crush any symptoms of sentimental greed, entitlement, jealousy.  They are not the genuine expressions of the selfless, servile love I expect of My slaves but on the contrary they reveal an unhealthy resurgence of rebellious male ego.

I know the signs.  I will recognize them immediately and I will act swiftly, crushing the culprit with merciless severity.

8 Responses to Expectations of a Slave

  1. kneeling_nothing says:

    Sublime Lady Saharah,
    i fully agree with You encouraging any selfless form of love. A man that does not adore You as his Superior will not be able to make a perfect slave, no matter how well You train him. he must have an internal urge to sacrifice himself for You, then of course Your fantastic education will teach him the path into slavery, because his male ego has to be destroyed first. That You won’t tolerate any expectations from a man is just a trivial consequence of Your overwhelming Superiority, there can be no reciprocity with a toy/object.
    You explain it perfectly: men are just like animals. A very helpful reminder of that is the position You impose us: kneeling on our 4. Just like dogs, except that we have the concept of Deity and therefore we also bow our head to the ground in religious prostration, unlike dogs.
    we are human in that we understand Your spoken commands, so we differ from dogs mainly because we have no excuses not to fulfill Your Divine orders. That’s why inflicting pain to a dog is unnecessary cruelty, while inflicting pain to a male slave is useful and valuable.

  2. cj says:

    Ah, indeed well said, Goddess. The topic of Your latest is actually one of the most difficult issues for most males to comprehend and accept — and i include myself in that number.
    i am not happy not being a slave; i am not happy not being owned by a powerful and astonishing Goddess. If i were to confess fully, the slave soul that resides in me longs for his shakles and his collar; longs for the marks and welts of his Owner’s whips; longs for the shattering ego-crushing degradation that can only come when at the Feet of the Superior and Owner; longs for a lifetime of “cruel and unusual punishment” without the possibility of parole. And yet even still the most difficult part of the Goddess/slave relationship is the truth You impart – i am a slave, and only a slave, an inferior and animal to Your Supremacy, Divinity, and that of Your Sister Goddesses. As slave — and if that is truly the role and station i seek — i have zero entitlements and zero rights — indeed, i should seek to have everything along those lines taken away from me by my Owner and Goddess, as all that Her property owns i sby rights Hers. In return, the male expects to get affection and recognition — even a slave does — and You are correct… that is only a manifestation of the male ego… and a slave has no right to that ego. The male greed, sense of entitlement, and any sense that he deserves gratitude or special tretament should be crushed, as those are not feelings a slave is entitled to.
    A Goddess i love and admire – Her initials are RM — asked me some months ago if i thought that the male animal needed to be beaten often and severely in order to make him and keep him as a proper and useful slave, and my opinion was yes. Even i, not a masochist and not a fan of physical pain, know deep in my heart that my treacherous male ego would destroy the Goddess/slave relation in a matter of days — better, since it is my longing to be a completely owned slave, to have that ego beaten and crushed out of me. Myself more than most, i think, since my ego is extensive and self centered.
    A slave is indeed a slave, period. Those who seek such a station should very carefully study the full and uncompromising meaning of that word.

  3. Saharah Eve says:

    Wise words from you both. I appreciate your input. 🙂

  4. You are truly a Goddess, Sahara Eve.

  5. tomek says:

    Goddess of the slave already very fact that you can worship and serve faithfully is unimaginable happiness. I think that man is born in order to serve the Woman, the only religion we should confess that worship Women 🙂

  6. Saharah Eve says:

    TY. You better be serving a Woman!

  7. Atharva says:

    Goddess Saharah:
    I have been through your website several times and I became a fan of yours and now i believe in female led relationships. Men are born to be slave of women like you! The pictures and videos only amazingly signifies how much control you have on your slaves! Your slaves are very lucky to serve you Goddess! Even I will love to!
    Yours Slave

  8. Atharva says:

    Goddess Saharah,
    I have been following your website for several months and read your articles and I did become a fan of yours! Now I believe in female led relationships. The picture in above above article only clearly says how amazing control you have on your slaves! I do believe men like me are born to serve women like you. I really wish I could serve you My Goddess, with only a collar around my neck and will obey your orders no matter what they are!
    Yours Slave 🙂

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