Patriarchal Religion: the Sum of all Evil

January 11th, 2013

The human animal is a religious animal. It seems being religious is what helps him to think he is not an animal. Complicated sets of superstitious beliefs, rituals and cults, or to put it more simply, religions, seem to have been part of every human society past and present. From the oldest pre-historical burial remains, to our modern civilization, religion is invariably at the chore of human societies. No matter how apparently different and varied all cults and religions may have existed through human history, they have had this one common utility to put deities above humans, thus re-positioning the homo sapiens as a creature in between the animal and the divine, and if not purely divine, at least of divine origins.
Personally I am much more interested in the animality of My slaves than their spirituality. It is no secret to the regular readers of this blog that I am adamant the male of the species is just an animal, only fit for abject slavery, and should that animal ever entertain the idea of having a religious conscience and worshipping a deity, let it be understood that there can be only one Goddess in My slave’s life: Me. I will certainly not tolerate any form of religiosity in my slaves that is not entirely directed at worshipping Me, particularly since the way religions have evolved for the last two thousand years.
Throughout Antiquity, polytheism seems to have been the norm. A rich variety of cults were devoted to a very large number of deities, more or less in equal number Female and male. Polytheist religions presented this advantage of being based on a fundamental tolerance, thus coexisting willingly alongside any number of other cults, and accepting new or foreign cults. The first notable appearance of a monotheist cult, in the 14th century BC in Egypt, is very significant in the immediate consequences it had. Since the pharaoh Akhenaton established the cult of a unique, and mostly abstract, god, Aten, it soon inevitably implied the eradication of all other cults. A unique cult is the negation of any other beliefs. A unique cult is fundamentally a form of totalitarianism. If there is only one God, there can be only one Truth, and any other belief or opinion becomes de facto false and heretical. This new unique religion was short lived, and soon the entire bunch of old Egyptian gods and Goddess were back in business. But monotheism, as a concept, did not get completely lost. It re-emerged a few centuries later, at first with the Bible, without much consequence since Jews were not proselyte, but soon came the Christians, and things changed for the worse. It took a few centuries, but this was the end of polytheism. The Christians were conquerors. They came quietly. They preached absolute tolerance and peace. Wherever they went, they soon were taking control, killing all those who would not convert and wiping off all traces of any other cult or religion. Later came the Muslims, but it was just another update of the same cult.
The same religion, with the same god, based on the same monotheism and all the righteousness, totalitarianism and absolutism it entails. There is, however, an even more disturbing and pernicious aspect to this cult: its patriarchalism.  This is a conservative way to say: it’s fanatical misogyny.
This is a religion which is based on worshipping a god who created the world in six days, and then rested. A kind of botched up job, I would say. Anyway, there he created man to his image. Man. Not humans, not homo sapiens. No. Man. And then man, poor witless jackass, was in paradise, and he was so bored. So god took a rib from him to create a Woman, to be man’s playmate. Now really… Woman was created out of a rib? Why not a fingernail, or a lock of hair? How more insignificant could it get?
Man is the son of god. Woman is the Daughter of a rib. What a lineage really! Talk about mismatch!  If only the authors knew what science knows now:  The ovarian pathway is the human template; Women are the default sex. 😛
One would be a fool to think that god, and his religious fans, came up with that story to debase Women. Why, of course not. There’s nothing pejorative in coming from a rib. Yet one can’t deny that it’s not quite the same as having the one and unique god as your daddy, is it? And to think that this Eve, daughter of a rib, is the Mother of all Womanhood!
But let’s be very clear about it. It’s not as if Woman could matter in any way. The very reason for Her existence has been explained. She was created to entertain man, to please him, to serve him. Such a thrilling destiny!
Well, My personal feeling about this pathetic fantasy calling itself a religion is that it was made up by frustrated males who had never come to terms with their puberty. This religion is not about tolerance, because it never tolerated anything else beside itself and its dogma. You can’t say there is one god, one truth, one religion, and then brag about being tolerant, right? It never was about pacifism either, because it proved to be the most murderous cult in human history, killing mercilessly anyone who did not submit, wiping off entire people, religions, civilizations and cultures, promoting a reign of terror on the pretense of eradicating heresy and fighting the devil. No, what this religion has always really been about since its obscure and confused origins is bashing Women.
The monotheist religion is the revenge of the boy who hasn’t accepted his puberty and the resulting irresistible desire he feels for Women. This is the religion of the man who has remained a child terrified by the new power Women wield on him. The religion is his pitiful attempt to go back to the pre-pubescent age when he was free of this overwhelming craving for Females. Oh how nice and “innocent” he felt then, when he only wanted to play with other boys, when they got together to comfort themselves that Girls were weak and silly. But then all things changed when this appendix started troubling him, and he felt irresistibly subjected to that terrible power of seduction devolved to those Girls he had pretended to despise up until then.
Of course, as all fights against one’s own nature, it is a lost fight, and the more pathetic his trials at freeing himself of this attraction, the more heinous he might become towards Women. Hence how reassuring then if the religious patriarch comes to soothe his feelings by explaining that he is not guilty actually, it’s in the inherent perverse nature of Women to inspire such dirty thoughts in his mind. Woman – – the vessel of all sins.  That being said, not all men will react in that way. The sensible, normal boys will accept the new state of things, and take it “like a man”. They yield gracefully to a natural and necessary subjugation of their newly acquired sexual desires for the appropriately named fairer sex. Some will even enthusiastically cherish and worship Women for inspiring such sentiments and feelings within them.  (And I plan to capture each of those males for My own! ;-D )
But the weaker males will not. They are filled with resentment and fear, all the more so since their counter-productive reaction only exacerbates that gnawing desire they can’t help feeling for the abhorred Feminine gender, a desire which in turn will only serve to undermine their self-assurance and make their cowardice all the more blatant. Thus, they resort to what the pre-pubescent little boy in them was already quite good at doing: bashing Girls. Put the blame on Girls, boy… and naturally it becomes the “manly” thing to boast about despising Women.
What providence, this religion that tells them that if they harbor dirty thoughts, it’s all the fault of these devious Women who inspire them. It’s because Women are vile, they have not been made in the image of god, and they even hardly have a soul, do they? But then, what can you expect from creatures who descend from a rib? They can hardly pretend to have a soul with a rib as ancestor.
This sentiment is for feeble minded, frustrated weaklings and has been going on too long. I won’t tolerate it in My realm. Males in My household accept their dependence towards Women. They do not fear to bow slavishly to Us as their superiors. They are happy to devote their life to serve Me, and if they do fear My whip, they do not fear to adore Me for wielding it at them. They know their place. They know that any slave who wishes a station in My stable must reject religion entirely, and see Me as the pillar of reason, arbiter of right and wrong.