The Religion of Female Supremacy and the Virtues of Mortification of the Flesh.

June 22nd, 2012

It’s no breaking news that there is a growing interest for Female domination and Female-led relationships.  I am not referring to the recreational pastimes of a BDSM-oriented population, but rather to an evolution in the mainstream

As a convinced Female supremacist Myself, I am naturally very pleased by this phenomenon.  Let’s not shout victory, however—that would be premature.

While it is true there is a noticeable evolution in mentalities, we are far from being on an unstoppable drive toward a Matriarchal world.  Much remains to be done.

In this respect, I am convinced that many more Women and men would be ready to embrace a Female-led lifestyle, if they were not somewhat uneasy or even rebuked by the harsher aspects of such relationships.

As the Keeper in a Female supremacist/Female-led household and owner of a stable of slaves, I am regularly confronted by the interrogations of Women who, notwithstanding their Female supremacist convictions, are unable to understand the strict discipline I enforce upon My slaves.

More significantly, apart from these proclaimed dominant Women, I am convinced there is a large proportion of Females in society who, even though they would not take the step of considering themselves as dominant, could easily see the benefits of assuming a superior status in a world where males would be reduced to a subservient role.

These Women are sincerely open to the idea that males’ primary function is to labor for them and provide them with a pleasant, luxurious life.  Many of these Ladies, while evolving conservatively within the structures of patriarchal societies, already have the capacity and determination to use their Feminine powers and charms to maneuver males and exploit them thoroughly.

These Women have always existed, in all societies, even the most radically misogynist ones. They are astute, often extremely intelligent, usually very seductive, and shrewd.

They know how to reverse a lose/lose situation to their advantage, against all odds.  They operate on an individualistic mode and not necessarily because they do not care about the condition of other Women.

Rather, they have no time to waste engaging in a confrontation with a rigid patriarchal order that would have no other choice then to crush them to set an example.  Instead of exposing themselves uselessly, they concentrate on making the best of adverse circumstances.

These Women are simply far too superior to the societies they have had the misfortune to be born in.   It should be noted that the popular opinion on them is somewhat ambiguous.

They inflame the imagination and are celebrated as half Goddesses, but they are also despised for being immoral and cruel.  Cleopatra is a famous example.

She was admired, and she was the object of popular fantasies, yet she had to be vilified for not playing by the rules, for seducing males to get to her ends, and for using all the assets at her disposal to fend off the formidable attacks of the Roman empire.

She probably was simply an intelligent, seductive and determined Woman who managed to do the best in a very difficult and dangerous situation.  She’s one extreme example, but there have been millions like her throughout human history.

omen have managed to get the upper hand, to turn difficult situations to their advantage, to secure power and wealth for their personal gain.  Some became known, the vast majority remained anonymous.

I  would like to call them the beta-Alpha Women.  They are the Women who manage to ascend to an Alpha position in a patriarchal society where Women are traditionally restrained to a beta status.

Typically, they are wise enough to remain the power behind the throne, extremely influential, often deadly dangerous, yet not interested in inverting the social order, as long as it plays into their interest.

In fact, their attitude has even become a hallmark of Femininity.  Why confront brute force head on, when it’s easier to circumvent it, domesticate it and use it to one’s advantage?

These Women might not be the majority, but they represent an important percentage of the Female population.

They don’t usually try to stand out and attract too much attention.

They feel comfortable keeping a conservative, conformist beta-Alpha role, although they belong to that clan which is determined—and able—to use and exploit males methodically.

I am confident it is these Women who would most easily accept to see males reduced to slavery for their personal gain, specially if it secured their opulence, power and dispensed them from having to take precautions to preserve males’ susceptibility.

Yet for the time being these Women would be uneasy about having slaves, simply because they find the harsher aspects of slavery too crude.

Now there is no doubt in My mind that most of these Women, were they to be teleported by a stroke of magic wand to a world where they would naturally belong to the ruling class of slave owners and experience the pleasures of a heightened life freed of all tedious and menial concerns, would then see nothing wrong in having a population of devoted males kept in abject servitude beneath them.

Experienced from inside, and at the top, the harmony of such a social order would easily become obvious to them, and they would see how perfectly complementary both genders can become under Female supremacy rule.

There would be little argument then about all the advantages to be found in the enslavement of males, not only for the Ladies as Rulers, but for the males themselves, as their zeal and their devotion would be a testimony to their natural dispositions for servitude under proper Feminine guidance.

It is a regrettable fact that in our world some aspects of male enslavement and disciplining in a Female-led household remain misunderstood and considered too brutal by many.

Even the most liberal and evolved societies are still entrenched in patriarchal values, and for most Women, and men, their frame of reference prevents them from considering a Female supremacist/ Female-led lifestyle without misinterpreting the core principals it is based upon.

Even the word Supremacy itself is abhorred and seen in connection with the worst aspects of human history—patriarchal history, that is.  The same is obviously true about slavery.

It is next to impossible to show to a neophyte the beauty of Female supremacy and male slavery, while they are obvious to those involved.  To the outsider, the total enslavement of males to their Keepers is just as disgusting as any other form of slavery that ever existed, i.e., the brutal exploitation of defenseless people, deprived of basic rights, and dignity.

It is true that not much seems to distinguish common slavery from the servitude of My slaves.

I would be the first to point out that slaves in My household are just that: slaves.  They are deprived of freedom, subjected to iron discipline and compelled to toil endlessly to ensure the pleasant life I feel entitled to.

In return for their sacrifices and rather frugal lifestyle, they have no other reward to expect than the knowledge of My satisfaction, which I do not necessarily bother to express, or in the alternative, severe punishments.
But My slaves are not victims.

This is the fundamental difference.
They certainly do not see themselves as victims.

They have not only accepted their enslavement, they have craved it. For them it has been the consecration of their highest ambition.

They have implored Me desperately, been willing to accept any sacrifice, gone through an exacting selection process and painful trials to be even considered worthy of being enslaved by Me.

Those very few who eventually made it to My stable have demonstrated a touching determination to submit to any abasement and ordeal to lay their freedom and resources at My feet.

And there is no doubt they have vowed an eternal gratitude to Me for having condescended to accept them.

There lies another difference: My slaves abhor the thought of freedom.  Unlike all slaves of the patriarchal world, they are terrified of ever being sent away and freed.

My males relish My ownership over them. They embrace their servitude and are fervently grateful to Me for it, even for the most oppressive aspects of it.

They might squirm under My whip or suffer silently for hours and days, at My whim, but their adoration for Me keeps growing by the day.

The kicks, the slaps and the whip strokes are dreaded, but always received thankfully, as signs of attention from their Keeper.

The point is, using the frame of reference of the patriarchal world, My slaves are much more comparable to monks or priests than to slaves.

They have not been abducted, they have enthusiastically abandoned their ancient life, they have relinquished their freedom, their belongings and most of what constituted their former existence, and they have willingly chosen a life of discomfort and hardship, subjected to the most rigid discipline, exactly as monks or priests enter into an order.

Their purpose is the same, to be cleansed of their weaknesses and fears, and to be infused with an inflexible power and determination.

They have chosen this painful existence of labor and extreme austerity where they will be deprived of all but the basic essentials, and at first sight there is little that seems to differ from that life and that of the lowest and most ill treated of slaves.

Except that transcending motivation that makes them embrace all these hardships with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose: Adoration.

Whether they are monks worshiping some abstract deity, or My slaves venerating Me, their living Goddess of flesh and blood, they aim at becoming part of the Deity they adore.

To My slaves I am the incarnation of the Divine Feminine.  By sacrificing worldly comforts and pleasures to devote their life to serving Me, they strive to live in perfect harmony with My divinity.

In their case, this divine beauty they have chosen to sacrifice to and to serve is not some abstract or invisible deity, it is I, a Woman of flesh and blood.

By renouncing world possessions and pleasures and choosing the arduous path of discipline and sacrifice, the monks get beyond and above their human limits and serve their deity, becoming a part of its divinity, a humble and insignificant part in harmony with the whole universe.

I am this deity to My slaves, I am the Supreme Being in their universe, and by enforcing their slavery I am allowing them to follow the path of servitude and worship to Me, I offer them the possibility to empower themselves and reach a heightened state of existence, of fulfilling a superior purpose, freed from themselves and sacrificing their lives for My betterment and prosperity.

For them, lesser creatures only destined to serve the Woman, it is the unique chance in a lifetime to fulfill their destiny.

Both the slave and the monk have had the revelation of a deity, both aim at attuning themselves to that infinitely superior order so as to become engulfed by it and achieving a perfect symbiosis with it.

For both, that unification is possible only by becoming purely selfless servants, fit to serve blindly to the point of becoming mere extensions.  Such selflessness is possible only to those who have freed themselves from their human limitations.

And to free oneself, one has to relinquish all freedom.

There lies the paradox that is so difficult to grasp for outsiders, whether it concerns the ascetic rule of monks or the abject servitude of My slaves.

Would it come as a surprise to some by stating that My slaves eventually know a freedom they could never have attained otherwise?  And yet it is the simple truth they experience every day.

They are freed from themselves.  They are empowered because they are cleansed of their fears, their weaknesses, the greed, jealousy, petty frustrations that plagued their previous life.

They desire nothing but to serve and please Me, and I gracefully grant them the opportunity to devote all their resources and talents to that goal.

I even help them get beyond themselves by being Myself ever more exacting and demanding, and severely correcting them for any failure to give full satisfaction.  Am I not the ever generous One?

They adore Me for it.  As their Goddess, the incarnation of all Feminine graces, I allow them to serve Me to the point where they unify with Me.  I reduce them to such mindless obedience that they respond to My commands instinctively.

My satisfaction is their happiness, My displeasure is their instant torment.  My ascendency over them is such that I have reshaped them to My liking, imprinting My philosophy into their docile minds.

They are not only Mine, they are an integral part of Me.  But this is a totally unbalanced fusion, I am the brain, they are additional members, like tentacles, yet tentacles that will remain suitably expandable.

This is the supreme, ultimate gift that I, as their revered Goddess, generously offers to My slaves: the chance to become a part of My superior Feminine entity, to accomplish that symbiosis, where their inferior masculine form of life becomes a complementary part of My superior life, and they are allowed to partake in My greater destiny.

They are eager to assume the basic, menial part of the symbiosis, while I can thrive on their resources and labor to attain higher goals.
This is where the role of discipline is indispensable.

I suppose many have already wondered, if My slaves are so devoted, so willing to serve Me, living in such harmony with My dictates, why do I subject them to such an oppressive discipline?

Why the whips, the painful punishments, the abasement?

For the simple reason that My slaves are just that:  slaves.

This is how I want to treat them, as this is what they are meant to always remain, abject slaves.

It is their station.

Is this cruel?  Perhaps, but judging such cruelty negatively still means being impaired by the patriarchal frame of reference.  It is essentially sensible, and indispensable, to maintain My slaves in their servile condition.

For My own good, and My slaves as well.  Male atavisms are never very far, even for the best trained slaves.

Without the unrelenting pressure of My foot on their neck, My slaves would start being a little sloppy in their toil, they would become a trifle lazy, and would soon relapse into self indulgence, self preservation and self entitlement.  Self… self… self…Yes, so much “self” spells the return of the abominable male ego.

No symbiosis is possible then.  Needless to say, they would become useless and I certainly will not tolerate that.

Wisely, I want My slaves humble, devoted, perfectly trained and always ready to jump at the click of My pretty fingers.  This is why they must feel oppressed by My yoke at all times.

They actually need and welcome that oppression as they sense how indispensable and beneficial it is for them, how it helps them to keep focused on their service to Me.

That said, slavery is not easy.  It has to be painful, exhausting, requiring a constant effort on the part of the slaves.

A slave must struggle to accomplish his tasks, so that at the end of each day he will have this small feeling of achievement for having gone through his day of labor for his Keeper, yet he must be kept aware that doing his hardest was barely enough to serve Her satisfactorily.

For the same reasons, the living conditions for slaves must be austere and minimal.  Adequate to keep them fit for their work and in good health, but bared of any superfluous comforts.

Sacrifices are the small victories of the slave, most often unknown and ignored by his Keeper.

All these privations the slave has to withstand with resilience, they each constitute a small triumph over himself, a little reward for his pain.  The slave takes pride in bearing silently these daily hardships to serve his Keeper.

Even though they are indifferent to Her, they are the expression of his obedience and devotion to Her and link him permanently to Her world of peace, harmony and luxury.

Each instance when he has to grind his teeth and put up with hardship, he is reminded of how pleasurable and glorious his Keeper’s life is in contrast.  The knowledge that his sufferings and deprivations are a direct consequence of Her opulence fills him with renewed veneration and gratitude.

His miserable servitude is a small contribution to Her superior life.
Because this is austere and demanding, there are moments when the slave will be low-spirited, when he will doubt his own determination and his capacity to cope under the yoke.

These are the moments when he will cringe under the punishment, when it might seem the most unbearable to him, but when he will also be the most grateful for it, as he will see in it the hallmark of Her attention for him.

The brutal expression of the Keeper’s imperious despotism, that will spur him to new depths of labor and abasement.

Whips and excruciating punishments are not superfluous to ensure the total submission of My slaves to such a harassing existence.

There are two complementary aspects to the discipline I impose on My slaves.

First are My dictates, the set of rules I enact at My whim, to regulate each aspect of their lives and the etiquette they must observe in dealing with Me.  This is the Oppression aspect of the discipline.

Next, is the Repression aspect.  The physical abuse and punishments that I inflict at My whim, either as retribution for any mistakes or disobedient behavior, or for no particular reason save for My own enjoyment.

This will serve as a reminder of their station of slavery to Me.
That repressive role of discipline is without question indispensable from the very beginning of the enslavement.

There is no question an element of violence exists in slavery.  For the Keeper, there is the necessity to burden Her slave and to purge him of his ego so that he becomes properly receptive to his training.

Harsh punishments and painful restraints are indispensable to break the male and reduce him to absolute submission, not the kind of submission he has self chosen, but the absolute, perfectly servile submission the Keeper demands.

Once broken, the slave can be implemented with the proper obedience patterns using training methods such as conditioned reflexes.

The Keeper will find it easy to then reconstruct the slave’s personality with renewed instincts and priorities, so that She becomes the central focus and the supreme authority that takes precedence over the male’s self preservation instincts.

The slave’s mind will be indelibly branded by this taming, and he will always thirst, even if unconsciously, for the whip and tortures dispensed by his Keeper.

My slaves are frantically grateful for their punishments.  Whenever I have been punishing them, it is gratifying to see in their eyes the fervent gratitude with which they thank Me, and I know their adoration for Me has grown by a notch.

Repressive discipline is always salutary for the slaves, and they welcome it, they even crave it, as it cleanses them of their negative male atavisms and helps them relinquish their ego, their fears linked with greed, self preservation, self entitlement, possessiveness.

But if Repressive discipline is essential to enslave and tame males, Oppressive discipline will play a no less significant role in the long run.

Enslavement is an act of colonization, of depriving a male of his original self, to replace it with a new subservient one.

There is nothing left of his former existence, hence there is a feeling of loss and a fragility in the servile male.  The discipline will be essential to ensure the new slave’s personality is kept under the yoke for the continuity of the servitude.

The slave is a prisoner, and he needs to be rigidly maintained in his station of slavery.  He can not be permitted to revert to his original life.  He must serve a life time sentence of servitude, going through the motions of living an existence that has been devised for him by his Keeper.

Without the unrelenting pressure of discipline, the slave’s domesticated personality would dissolve.  Instead, the set of strict rules regimenting his servitude will accompany him each step of his domesticated life.

He will be able to cling to it, and it will help him feel permanently the guidance of his Keeper’s power over him.  The Keeper has no time, and certainly no desire, to keep an eye on each of Her slaves permanently.

If She is all important to them, unique, the exclusive focus of their lives, they in turn are basically a commodity to Her.

As a pack of slaves are relatively essential for Her comfort and wealth, yet individually each male is of negligible importance.

Fundamentally, slaves have to remain mostly interchangeable and easily replaceable.  The Keeper is far above Her slaves, Her life is rich, full and diverse, and She has many interests outside of Her household.  For that reason slaves are easily prone to feel left to themselves.

The oppressive discipline the Keeper imposes on them will play the role of slave driver.  The stricter the rules, the more controlled will feel the slave, and the more omnipresent will be the Keeper’s authority.

The male’s conscience will ensure he will find it hard to transgress the Keeper’s laws without feeling a terrible pressure and salutary guilt.

This permanent control is welcomed and desired by the slave as a support each steps of his laborious life, guarding him from erring and disobeying.

In conclusion, I want to stress that I purposefully made a concession to our society’s frame of reference by exposing extensively the male’s motivations and behavior.

I did it primarily because My purpose here was to expose the dynamics of slavery in the Female dominated household and to shed the proper lighting on the virtues of discipline for slaves.

My point was to dissipate the usual confusion between the abominations of slavery in patriarchal societies, and the self-chosen and enthusiastically embraced slavery of My slaves and those in other Female dominated households.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that slaves’ concerns are of secondary importance in a Keeper/slave relationship.

In My household, only My motivations and interests are worthy of consideration.  I hope to have somehow demonstrated that once enslaved, a male is little more than a tool, a creature entirely devoted to My betterment, and trained to mold his opinions on My dictates.

As it should be, I, the Keeper, do not have to be concerned by My slaves’ views, motivations and feelings, I can rest assured they are the ones I trained them to have and they will always conform with My exigencies.

So to conclude, let’s consider Female supremacy/Female-led relationships under the right angle, the Keeper’s view on it, and be rid of the patriarchal society’s frame of reference.

There is no undue attention to devote to slaves, they are nothing but a pale reflection of their Keeper’s will.

And this is just as it should be! 😀