Making Good Use of Male Slaves

April 7th, 2012

Another holiday and another opportunity to make good use of one of My slaves to help the ones who most need.  Those of you who have been following My blog already know how I firmly believe actions will always be more telling than words.  As a proponent for the doctrine of Female-led relationships, I consider it a duty to demonstrate the excellence of male enslavement by Women, not only for Myself and My Sisters, but for the good of the whole world.  And what better way to illustrate the improvement of males under My yoke than to regularly put them at work for the worthy causes and charities I care about?
So this Easter, as customary, I used one of My slaves disguised as an Easter Bunny to hand out candy baskets to children from the Center where I operate.  Another illustration of how much the exploitation of male slaves can be beneficial for the community—under the proper guidance, of course.  😀  Men were born to serve Women, and My slaves only exist to serve Me, so it’s only fitting that I should also use them to reflect how caring and generous Women naturally are, and how the world would be a better place if all men worshiped their Women!