Refuting Misogynist Rhetoric

November 9th, 2011

It probably isn’t too hard to see that we live in very interesting times for both sexes. At no point before in history has a resounding affirmation for the continued liberation of Women across the world been heard, and at no time in history has the excellen

From college campuses to the halls of congress, Women are proving in exponential numbers that they are just as capable as men, and then some.

You may also know of an (arguably) developing trend in our contemporary age around a new Female archetype that is decidedly alpha, and Women aren’t the only ones on board with it; many men find themselves enthusiastic supporters, not only of Female equity with men, but of a new generation of modern Women who prefer Female led relationships, where the male is beta.

Along with this has come the increasing sentiment that Females are not only equal to males, but in many ways superior to them. Research continues to find that from many key perspectives, the Female is biologically superior to the male.

Overall, social statistics clearly shows the problems males present to society in the form of violent crime, sexual assault and domestic abuse. The presence of Female students in universities continues to rise while male participation stresses to keep up.

In politics, media and business, the value of the Feminine touch is increasingly sought after.

Then of course there are people like myself, who outwardly advocate Female Supremacism, and suggest living Female-led relationships without apology or pretense.

I’m certainly not unique. Others have come before me, with similar refutations of male hegemony and the advocacy of Female dominance in relationships.

Such sentiments aren’t appreciated by all, however.

There are some men in the world who feel exactly the opposite; they are threatened by the growing wave of Female empowerment and advocacy.

They seek to overthrow it in whatever way they can through sociopolitical disinformation campaigns.

Below are some of the more typical gimmicks employed to this end. Learn to identify disinformation tactics and their typical authors, for the first step in proper retaliation is identifying your target.

The man masquerading as Woman

The internet is of course an uncertain place, and one never knows who one is really dealing with online.

This is generally not of much consequence if an argument is sound; thoughts are, after all, thoughts, regardless of the dubious nature of the poster, but there comes a time when sexist rhetoric is often better pawned off through the object of that sexism itself, so as to give the illusion of legitimacy and acceptance by its very victims.

Men have often found it more beneficial to play the part of a Woman bemoaning the evils of so-called “Feminism”, or advocating (albeit gently) the virtue of misogyny.

Beware of supposed “Women” who have made it their mission to modestly denounce Female Supremacy or encourage the sexist degradation of Women and Girls; chances are you’re likely dealing with a bitter man who has too much time on his hands. Well, on one hand, in the very least.

The pro-male propagandist

Some men enjoy building blogs and/or websites that drone on endlessly about the evils of Feminism AND Female Supremacy, all under the precept that their rants are based on objective observation.

Fair enough. We all have a right to our opinions and what we have gleaned from our experiences, but when common sense is blurred and logical argumentation meanders into willful propaganda and hate mongering, their agendas are obvious.

Some are downright brilliant in their writing, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that their “objective criticisms”, are anything but. Be wary of men who make Feminism—a sociopolitical movement to achieve civil equality with men—synonymous with Female Supremacy.

The two are distinctly separate philosophies and separate phenomena, but it’s understandable the benefit they get by lumping the two together; making Feminism a doctrine of supremacy for the Female incites anger and creates the perfect bogeywoman to rail against.

The arguing ostrich
There are some men who will openly request evidence of Female superiority, often with the requirement of “scientific metrics” and “peer-reviewed papers”.

When they receive accredited resources that support, for instance, Female biological or social/behavioral advantages over males, they lazily refute them, all the while failing to answer with any countering citations of their own.

Instead they may suddenly shift to more obscure methods of argumentation, like “philosophy”, despite it was they who originally wanted hard evidence, hard metrics, books, etc.

With such gross intellectual irresponsibility, such a person is usually not all that effective in argument, but if his rhetoric is crafted cleverly enough, the ignorance he peddles can become partially convincing to misinformed readers.

Do the research. Get the facts, and determine for yourself where you stand. Don’t allow a propagandist crank’s “take” on science, history, politics or sociology to become yours just because it’s easy to read and agree with, or because it’s politically safe.

The “femdom” Female Supremacist

There are men who worship and adore Women physically, mentally and spiritually, and so doing, serve as their slaves, and then there are men who centralize it strictly around their shallow hormonal drives.

Fixated hopelessly upon their kinks, cross dressing, erotic obsessions and self drama, these men make the worship of Women little more than a vehicle for what it is they truly worship: their erections.

The greedy and self-centered erotic fantasies of males serve as a poor substitutes for representing the spirit of true Female worship and Female Supremacy, turning the idea into little more than kinky fun.

Don’t let the leather, strap-on and sissy caricatures produced by and made for men stand in place of higher intellectual exchange on the subject of Female Supremacism or the practice of it, more particularly.

The (patriarchal) mystic

Finally there are men (and Women) who fight for male dominion through religious propaganda of varying degrees, quoting chapters and verses to justify continuing a legacy of discrimination toward Women and the disproportional benefit of men.

Cross or crescent, Female Supremacy represents a threat, as it undermines patriarchal divinity and holds Women sacred, leading to the ideas of Goddesses, Matriarchal societies, etc.

Hiding behind religious rhetoric, they further the legacy of their male dominance and gentle misogyny by attempting to make strong, thinking and independent Women who use the power of their sexuality and Female intellect second only to the Devil himself.

It would be refreshing to see so many men (and even some Women) drop the gimmicks and intellectual facades so they can just come out with the truth: they don’t trust Female power and they don’t trust Females in power.

More to the point, seeing the Female as “the better sex” is incredibly alarming. They may be misogynists at heart, or slaves to the status quo of political correctness between the sexes. I, on the other hand, mince no words about My biased beliefs—I admit am a Female Supremacist, and I further admit that I’m convinced of the validity of My viewpoints about the sexes.

I have challenged men to produce evidence that My arguments for exalting the Female Sex are unsound.

Thus far, I have been unimpressed by the counter-evidence, scientific or philosophical, they bring to the table.

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