The Legacy of Shaming The Sexually Vibrant Woman

September 26th, 2011

“Yeah, she’s a slut.”
When you read that, who do you imagine saying it? How do you imagine them saying it? One might very well think of a man speaking furtively to another with a half-grin. Then again, one might think of two Women engaging in a little indirect character assassination while an attractive lady in heels which are a little too high and lipstick that’s a little too red passes by. Men seem perpetually in conflict over their desires: they crave the wanton slut secretly, but shun her when it’s socially obligated of them. Some of the most prudish Women have at least one skirt that’s decidedly a little too short among their vestments, and like men, secretly keep a little corner in their minds for the mysterious coquette or vampy femme fatale. That won’t keep her from belittling a nubile beauty who liberally embodies this image, however. It’s peculiar how Women will undermine the sexual power of other Women in gossip with the same tone they’d have in discussing the latest shade of violet that’s in fashion. On some level, we love to hate the slut, yet on another level, we’ll burn her at the stake when it’s necessary—or consume her hungrily. It’s all so very twisted.
What is it about the sexually liberated Woman that entices, yet scares people so much? Obviously, the power of sex is strong—perhaps the strongest force in humans, and in so being, one of the strongest forces on Earth. Since time out of mind, the vivacious and sensually powerful Woman has been sought through the compulsions of natural desires, and yet, one who has any understanding of the human world and the way it has operated for so long one will concede to the reality that humans are also at war with this power.
Consider, if you will, the major religions of the world in a brief walk through history. At one time, early in the evolution of primitive hunter-gatherer societies, the human animal inevitably realized its own finite nature, and Female life-giving power was (most likely) considered a divine mystery. Whether true Matriarchal societies existed seems to have little evidence, though Goddess statues, or what appears to be homages to Female power, still survive from this early time in human history—as far back as 30,000 BCE. We know the neopagan practice of Wicca, for instance, draws its roots from European Pagan beliefs in a fertility Goddess and a horned God who was her helpmate. The nubile Maiden represented youth and sexuality, the Mother symbolized the Female power of creation, and the old Woman was the symbol of wisdom and our return to the Earth. Indeed, people at one time did honor the Female sex. How these cultures lived and to what extent they flourished remains argued by historians, but we can conclude without much difficulty that as patriarchal influence began to grow and spread (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), the principle of Female power was gradually and purposefully demystified, thus removed from religious observation and practice for all but a select minority of surviving practices. Indeed, the concept of the male deity had risen and put a stranglehold on the world, bringing war and oppression. Women were thought of as possessions of their fathers, and not allowed to speak in churches or partake in any sacred rites past marriage to men, which was often not entirely up to them.
The patriarchal nature of these societies didn’t wish to recognize inherent Female sexual power. In fact, they sought to suppress it and remove it from any consideration whatsoever. The lunacy and depth to which male-dominated spiritualism went was pervasive, and is perhaps best evidenced by the predication of Christianity on a “Virgin Mother.” Preposterous! Certainly, the act of sex was considered “impure,” as it is, mysteriously, in many spiritual practices and disciplines in which men are the majority.
Obviously, this created, culture-wide, a deeply set distaste of and fear over Female sexuality, which lingers on to this day, not only in the far reaches of the Middle East, but in so-called “liberated” Western societies that proudly embrace Feminism. “Slut shaming,” as it has come to be known, continues with zeal and cruel aplomb. It’s a mistake to think the men are the only ones behind this, however. Ironically, sometimes it’s  Women who maintain these stigmas just as well—even at their own disadvantage and exploitation. This is the terribly tragic state of Females today: while we have made great strides in freeing ourselves from the many tentacles of male-defined organized religion and it precepts, and while organized religion itself is slowly degrading due to increasing intellectual and ethical freedom, we are still, culturally, at war with its subversive influences to Female empowerment, and the most undermining vestige that remains is disabusing men, and particularly Women, of this veiled hatred for the Female sex.
Why do we tear at and belittle each other, Sisters? Why do we keep the legacy of sexual dysfunction and Female oppression alive by engaging in misogyny ourselves? I have had plenty to say about men; anyone who has read Me for some time now knows this, but now, Sisters, I’m talking to YOU. What do you do to defray the evil of patriarchal legacy? What do you personally do to fight against these exploitative and oppressive powers within Christian or Islamic faith? How are you helping the world to practice spiritualism in a healthy way, devoid of the legacy of institutionalized self-loathing for Women and Girls? Do you resist chauvinism, or are you little more than a puppet keeping your own sex in place, and in so doing, maximizing the influence of patriarchy?
Do you celebrate Female sexual power, or are you in some way ashamed of it? Have you been taught to fear it? Do you allow other men to make you fear it? Do you cover up? Do you remind yourself to act “proper” or “appropriate” in the company of general society? Do you find sexualizing yourself is morally bad?
I ask these questions not to suggest Women go about in only heels and lip gloss (though that would certainly be interesting!), but to nudge Women to bear witness to their own sexual “guilt” deep within them. Who taught you about such things as “original sin?” Even if you’re an atheist, can you honestly and convincingly say, upon reflection, that there aren’t any of these silly ideas still hiding out in your subconscious mind or behavior?
Female sexuality and its power
That Women hold immense sexual power is, of course, not a new revelation; it is in fact quite an old one, as demonstrated historically and in present day. Women have fought for social equality, equal rights in the workplace, equal education, equal pay and equal intellectual respect, but their sexuality still remains oppressed, defined, and stigmatized by the uptight conservatism and prudishness of what are now today vestiges of a once vastly malignant patriarchal control which sought to limit and mute the power and influence of the Female sex. Why should we hold back this power today? There are no compelling reasons.
I encourage all Women, particularly the younger, to find their sexual power and channel it for their own personal gain, freedom, and power. If you’re a Woman who happens to be reading this, please pass this appeal on: Dress how you want and look how you want.  Celebrate your sensuality.  Tantalize, charm, seduce and control with the invisible leash that is your sex.  Adorn your body with decorative jewels of gold and silver, though your body in its raw form is the real Temple. Shape your body to be healthy, strong and devilishly irresistible. Accentuate and beguile as you see fit. Do all of this, but don’t for a moment question your natural animal charms, nor glorify yourself for the approval of men; do it to be their conqueror, for even without the adornments, the power of the Female sex cannot be denied. You are no longer dependent upon men to survive, thanks widely to the efforts of your own sex. Be proud of that. Once released from the mental prison men have managed to build around you over so many centuries, you’ll find the male of the species is as pliable as putty in your hands (this is what their ancestors feared). Celebrate your sexual self and your body’s carnal pleasures; reclaim the gift of what it means to be Female from the clutches of misogyny and crumbling institutions of “moral control.” If a man can be celebrated for his sexual vitality, why shouldn’t we, and even more so?
Why is “slut” such a dirty word? Because males, quite simply, fear us on some level. And why shouldn’t they? Men are powerfully motivated by their hormonal urges; if we Females abdicate being the pawns of religious manipulation, if we destroy the false morality that eats us from within and reclaim our ability to play those base male urges to our hearts’ content, we will effectively conquer and collar the beast that has ruled through oppression and fear once and for all. Smart men have no trouble surrendering to a Woman’s sensual influences and allowing those natural influences to enslave them. They are happy to be Our slaves and we certainly are happy they are, too. Smart men cherish sluts, because the slut is free. She is liberated and she can’t be shamed into conformity.  Like a wine connoisseur, she samples the pleasures life has to offer, knowing She is the ultimate source of pleasure itself. Why should the source of all life and pleasure not seek to please itself? Why should it not consume its acolytes if it so chooses?

Hail To The V (Vagina, that is): The Power Of Pussy As Portrayed In Media

September 11th, 2011

Finally, an ad campaign that pulls no punches about a well known aspect of Female power. Needless to say, I was amused and delighted to have stumbled upon this little gem.