The Art Of Bernard Montorgueil (c. 1920)

September 25th, 2010

Bernard Montorgueil’s art depicting Feminine and elegant Ladies in complete control of male slaves must have been somewhat of a novelty in his day, when the notion of servile males wasn’t as openly embraced. You’ve come a long way, baby—and thank goodness for that.
I happen particularly enjoy the above images from his collection. They aren’t the most graphic or outrageous, but they truly do convey a casual elegance and sensuality in the Females, who keep their males completely nude in the household while they remain opulently dressed and living beautifully. The males are kept instruments of pleasure—mere toys for the amusement of their Mistresses, who use the exposed and vulnerable bodies of their slaves for their own pleasures at their own whims. This embodies the image of Female Supremacy in art; men reduced to animal simplicity and arousal and Women living in elegance, served and obeyed passionately. I like that! 🙂

Child Cancer Awareness Month

September 10th, 2010

I’m sure I need not mention how tragic and devastating child cancers are to families around the world.  When it comes to cancer research, I feel that researching child cancer is the most important area of all; I can think of nothing more precious than our future generations.  Expanding cancer research is the most fundamental instrument in fighting cancer, as it increases our knowledge of cancer, cancer prevention, and identifies new drugs that may prevent or cure cancer.
Will you please send a donation to the Jimmy Fund? Go to this link, and select “Children’s Cancers”.
Saharah Eve