Female Assets

August 19th, 2010

SUBMISSIVE MEN: Knowing who I am, does this image irk you? Be honest.  Does something about this photo feel incompatible with the image you have of Me?
In case you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, I’ll explain. For some (in fact many), the idea of a dominant Female on all fours engenders the incompatible specter of “submission”.  I sort of forgot that until I read the well-intentioned words of a loyal acolyte, warning that the photo may be taken “in the wrong posture”.
I’m above needing such advice, though it’s of course true that some men do think this way…even men who claim to believe in the natural supremacy of Women. Extending the logic of that thinking tends to make one think, however, about all the fetishes Women embody for men. Does wearing high heels make a Woman a panderer to male fetish, for instance? What about short skirts or thigh-high boots? I’m aware that it’s not so much what you wear, but how you wear it; the essence of the attitude, the tacit gestures of dominance.  Yet still, if you take the objectification of the Female—and the part in it She Herself plays—to it’s most extreme end, one sees a great many things to which women acquiesce for the allure of the visual.
Is this an act of homage to male dominance, however? I emphatically say no. To Think so is to buy into the idea that any expression of Female sexuality that results in male arousal is therefore strictly in the service of males. In a biological sense, one might say that sexualizing oneself is a method of appealing to the opposite sex, of rousing him (or Her) to action, but is this the same as submitting to the opposite sex?
I can sit like a Queen on a throne and push My foot forward for a slave to massage or clean with his tongue. I can crawl on all fours in complete nudity, wielding the obvious power of that entreaty on the male libido. Is it for him? It might just be, but whom does it ultimately serve? Me, of course.
Even Women who are “submissive” hold the magic of their flesh—the magic of their coveted sex—and in the end, it is the possessor of this magic that is really possessor overall.  This power of sex is the power of Women, and frankly, we have let men capitalize and frame this power this way and that for far too long.  Who is a man to say what is contained in any posture of our beauty, or anyone, for that matter?   Where do these ideas come from?  Exposure to lad magazines in formative years and the lingering elements of chauvinism from old and outdated ways of thinking delude us into modesties about the Female form and its body language.
To My Sisters I would suggest liberation from this way of thinking, to celebrate in the beauty and power that is the Female form, to accept that even if we stand over Our males or bend provocatively at them, We still envelope, either way.

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Dear Tempted Heart: In Responsum

August 17th, 2010

On a daily basis My many inboxes are somewhat crowded with requests from males seeking to submit, pining away for a chance to serve. Most often, it’s a little difficult discerning boldness from ignorance. Usually, I do realize the latter is in far more abundance. Often, when I proceed to educate the would-be servant on the reality of who I am and what I do, there is suddenly that telltale equivocation, or maybe more obviously, the abrupt absence that is all too telling; he was in over his head, or mistook Me for a Lady who plays by the NLA handbook.
As many dominant Females online will attest, the illiteracy factor online, especially among males who surf the web ever-erect, is rather worrisome.  It’s downright annoying, too. But that shouldn’t deter Me from giving those who are sincere in their queries a fair shake. So…what to do? Filtering out the nonsense is a tiring job. I certainly have no desire in sifting through mounds of dirt to find a diamond, but I do realize there are diamonds from time to time that show up…men who truly get it and have a desire to perhaps serve Me.  They are genuinely passionate, curious and have somehow avoided the disease of egocentricity and cynicism so often found in “submissive” males.
Oh, I could go on forever describing My aversions to dealing with the masses when seeking slaves, so I’ll just cut to the chase and spare the lecture: If you want to find out how you may go about meeting Me with the intent to serve, just click here:
You have to pay for it.  Aren’t I a clever capitalist?  But seriously, I have better ways of making money.  What I do like about this handy dandy link is how handy it will be in separating the wheat from the chaff.  By making sub-male Don Juans pay for the information, I immediately filter out the cynical eye rollers who may pinch their wallets perhaps a little too tightly for My personal tastes; I do invite the visitor to literally put his money where his mouth is.  Now granted, this won’t stop all the undead from showing up on My front lawn wanting to suck on My toes, but it will definitely cut down the population considerably enough to handle the rest in sane fashion.
So lest there be any confusion, the above link does not give you a chance to meet Me; it only describes how you can go about it with the most likely chance I’ll take you up on having an audience so I may observe you and determine compatibility.  Per the verbiage contained in the link, you’ll find that you must be living in the USA, and be a biological male (after all, I’m looking for Xy beasties).  There are other restrictions, of course.  Go check it out if you’re interested.

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