Slaves are Selfless—Right?

March 22nd, 2010

This seems to be a common misconception riddled in the Mistress and slave circles of D/s. It’s rhetoric that is often touted, but seldom deeply considered, and often goes something like this: “A male isn’t a slave unless he’s selfless—devoid of desires and needs! If the male comes with a list of desires, he’s selfish and should not be considered a real slave. If his submission is connected to his loins, he’s not a real slave—he’s a bottom.” Adding to this fallacy are BDSM websites depicting pictures of bird-flipping teens and twenty-somethings proclaiming: “It’s all about Me. You don’t matter.” I’m sure you’ve heard it before…
You can read more inside My Private Journal.  Please feel free to make comments on the article or on the subject in general.


March 18th, 2010

I have always wondered what it would be like to be a male in this world, but more importantly, the world of D/s and Female led relationships.  Now obviously, I can’t really be a male in the real world, but I can certainly play one on the internet, and I did just that over the past eight months.  Yes—I got a virtual sex change, and went about My business on websites as a regular dude.  Read more about My observations and advice to males here.

Gentlemen, tell Me your thoughts.  What’s it really like being a submissive male in the social climate of today?  Do you find it harder or easier to find a Woman in a compatible D/s relationship?  I wonder whether if the internet still helps you?  Also, have you ever masqueraded online as a Domina?  Tell the truth, now. 🙂  What were your findings? Did you happen to find it easier being designated as a Female by default? Also, do you think there is a negative social stigma against males in our society?

Seed Retention: The Enforced Continuum of Male Desire Under Matriarchal Rule

March 12th, 2010

I have recently written an article on the good of retaining male seed in My private Journal here.  I will be curious to know the thoughts of members, especially My acolytes. All this is on the heels of a new seed retention program I intend on initiating in My soon to be complete worship page within the members area. More to come on that soon…

Indeed, the Female symbol in My ideal world represents a gateway of many things: a passage through which life enters the world, a portal through which man aches to renew himself, an entrance of fleshly and spiritual Nirvana.  For what is male without pouring himself into Female, the primary organism?”