Mail bag: Are submissive men losers?

February 26th, 2010

Dear Saharah,

We spoke awhile back and I was a member of your site for a while. Have been into Female Supremacy for a long time and am in agreement with your very articulate opinions.

For highly complex reasons, humiliation is a sexual turn on for me. Am struggling with whether it is possible to be submissive and at the same time not be a “loser”.   Are the men you are having eat out of dog dishes and engaging in masturbation contests losers?

Dear Tim,

Obviously, I can’t speak for all dominant Females, but I will say this is a very common idea produced from very common thinking.

I just recently had to address this misconception with an admirer who assumed those who serve Me are weak and pathetic.  Slavery—true slavery, true sacrifice, by will alone—isn’t sought by the weak.

Those men who seek to serve are courageous and passionate men who place themselves under My heel to be crushed and molded. They give themselves up, along with their male ego, to be humiliated, debased, used and exploited.

Let’s see your average garden variety tough guy on the football team suffer a day of that for a Woman.  This isn’t to say My slaves aren’t pathetic, groveling, weak and hopelessly obedient, loving puppets for Me (they definitely are!), but that is a far cry from being a capital L “loser” in general.

Why would I want a worthless and useless person who has nothing to offer?  What is there to be gained from that?

I want useful, passionate worshipers who believe in what I believe, not useless scum from the bottom of the barrel.

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Enoch Bolles via

February 17th, 2010

To Members of My site

February 11th, 2010

I can’t begin to express how much your donations to the Haiti Fund mean to Me.
Your generosity is incredible and will certainly go to good use.
The devastation from the Haiti tragedy is off the scale, but your donations are helping to lighten the burden.

An admirer has the right idea…

February 1st, 2010

A recent Happy Valentine’s Day e-card gave Me a little laugh; Carlo, My faithful admirer from Italy, sent Me just the sort of iconography I tend to love associated with men.

How could he have known I would find the gesture so delightful? 😉

Please ignore the broken English, readers; I have assured him that if he does find his way to serving Me in the flesh, there will be no need for him to speak often anyway.

I personally think this proves a man looks good as a dog; I would crop the ears, though.