Redesign Imminent

January 23rd, 2010

The members area of My site will be getting the much-needed rebuild today. If you experience difficulties accessing this area today or tonight, this will no doubt be why. As with the public side when it was reworked, please report any problems you see; it’s always highly appreciated. We’ve zapped a lot of gremlins from the older site structure, but when doing so, sometimes you end up with new ones. C’est la vie!
One of the biggest changes will be the member side journal, which has been rebuilt as a blog instead of static html. A new “worship” page has been introduced, though it’s not quite ready for viewing yet. Outside of that, all other content on the member side is complete. With that in mind, we’ll be getting to some much-needed updates, soon. There’s plenty of new photography and videography of Me and My slaves to put up; My life is a constant matrix of such images. With the tyranny of the site redesign soon behind us, business can proceed as usual at, thank goodness.
In other news, I feel a new essay from Yours Truly coming on, but I plan to write it here on the public blog instead of the private side. The subject? Let’s just say I’ve been reading a lot of antithetical and downright cynical viewpoints expressed about Female Supremacy lately. I think it’s time to go on record in bringing up a few key counterpoints to many popular arguments against it. When My muse strikes Me just right, I’ll post My condensed thoughts here and encourage commentary, of course.

Site Redesign

January 6th, 2010

Within approximately a week, will be getting a mild face lift. Among the improvements will be a larger and easier to read layout due to more CSS integration, faster loading pages, and of course, more content. This blog itself will be embedded into the site much more efficiently. Some pages will go away, other news ones will appear. All site content will remain intact. No existing or future memberships will be interrupted or hindered during the transition, either. At least, that’s what My personal designer keeps assuring Me. If not, I’ll have another male to skewer, and of course, that means even more content. So however you look at it, I guess it’s a win / win situation. 🙂