December 22nd, 2009

I recently had the pleasure of watching Avatar, the new groundbreaking film written and directed by the long absent Director James Cameron. There were plenty of things to like about this movie; the effects and world design, just to start. What impressed Me particularly about this effort were the many subtexts present in the story as it unraveled. No one can deny the film’s symbolic value to many of the issues facing us as humans today on Earth, or “The Dying World”, as it is referred to in the movie. Cameron makes astute points about the poison of corporate greed and rampant militarization, which can easily be applied to Western entanglement in the Middle East today (the region of which apparently experienced some scandal over this film) and the obvious arrogance of our major financial and commercial institutions. It serves easily as a parable of the plight of Native American tribes in early America. It has an unmistakable green message, too, reminding us of the value of nature, which is sacred to the Na’vi: the alien tribe of the film indigenous to the world of Pandora. Read the rest of this entry »