Sometimes male submission can be a little shocking…

November 15th, 2009

I get an occasional question about “the device” I’m using on My males from time to time. I suppose it’s worth asking about how I can summon pain with a little remote I hold in My hand. Quite fittingly, what I lock around the sacks of My slaves is nothing more than a shock collar for dogs. I have found using shock collars this way is tremendously beneficial, outside of providing Me plenty of push-button amusement. For instance, wrapping the device around the sack of your male and showing him you have the remote set to give the highest level of pain makes him stumble over himself in order to please, for fear of being zapped in his most vulnerable place.
I sometimes have men wear these devices under their pants when in public with Me. I keep the remote in My purse should the need to correct arise. Though My males are always trained to pamper, spoil and obey Me, I find the shock collar serves as an extra added incentive that puts a little more pep in their step. I honestly can’t think of a better place to correct a male than in this way; it punishes his maleness directly and brings about so much pain he’s likely to not make the same mistake again, and all this with very little effort on My part so I can spend more time enjoying life.
In that ideal contemporary matriarchal society I tend to dream about often, it would be a wonderful idea to somehow have an intricate shocking mechanism surgically implanted in the testicles of slaves, which only responds to the frequencies of their owners’ remotes. The dormant existence of the device couldn’t disrupt the production of sperm, of course, and would be safe enough to use so as to not cause long-term health problems through EMF.
Of course, that does bring to mind what happens internally to the male reproductive system when direct shock is administered through this method I use. I do consider what I’m doing to the sperm cells of the men I correct. Poor little tadpole critters. I suppose since breeding with My slaves usually isn’t on the top of My list, it’s not much of a concern at all. Bottom line? If you are serving Me and you value your little sperm factory, do what I say—especially considering the low-tech method I haven’t mentioned here but often use too: more than one swift and well-placed kick to the groin.

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Saharah's Enlightened Despotism

November 7th, 2009

My slave Nanshakh has made another wonderful portrait of his Mistress, replete with a coffle of naked male victims all chained to each other in a very fitting way.

Those familiar with My doctrine will find the image quite fitting, for it’s no mystery that in My perfect world, men would be chattel to Women, and little more.

As you can see, I’m featured clad in leather here. Long-time members will note that I’m not much of a leatherist at all, but I think the outfit makes sense in this woodsy setting, and doesn’t look too bad on Me at all.

The image to the left is a small preview of only a portion. Get the full version on Nanshakh’s site; it’s definitely worth seeing.

I’m enjoying the talents of this male I have inherited. He’s going to stay busy, busy.