Immortalized in Art.

September 18th, 2009

I have had the fortune of receiving the adoration of a new and very talented male creature, Nanshakh. I have become his muse and Mistress…as it should be. First in a line of visual tributes—tributes he will be laboring over for some time—is his new excellent piece entitled Here She Comes. As I’ve said before, Nanshakh has a very clear vision of My ideal utopia, or at least My ideal Italian Villa! Male slaves, treated as nothing more than animals at My disposal…forced to live in cramped and joyless holes of concrete within a gated pen set away from My home when not in use. I like how the humble and bruised mutts come out of their holes to bow their heads as I walk by. You can see they fear Me yet adore Me at the same time; and how they would fear the sound of My heels! Join his site to see the entire vision, enlarged. You’ll agree it is quite a creation!
As an aside, I like his sense of fashion. The yellow dress and matching heels are perfect for My coloring. 🙂

Nanshakh: Artist with a Unique FemDom Vision

September 8th, 2009

Very few artists capture the essence of what I truly idealize.  With artist Nanshakh we can see something entirely unique in all his artwork: males are stripped naked, their heads sheered, their personally defining features muted into degrading interchangeability. They are all truly slaves, assigned to filthy drudgery and menial tasks while their Mistresses go about life, radiant, sophisticated and arrogant and held wrapped in the luxury of comfort and decadence—all at the expense of their slaves, of course. In Nanshakh’s world, Women are divine and worshiped as such. And, all males—emaciated from a life of labor and minimal care—groveling and scraping for a chance to simply lick a passing Goddess’s heel. They kneel so humbly and cower and pray endlessly to their superiors, enduring cruel torments inflicted upon them by their keepers, who seem more in love with each other than the lowly male creatures around and beneath them.  It’s really no secret I truly admire his style and technique, not to mention his subject matter. ;-D
You can access the artist’s work at his website:
I encourage you to peruse his free galleries and join his member area; you will be greeted by a robust gallery of Female Supremacy and delicious male thralldom.