Little pleasures bestowed upon humble slaves.

August 19th, 2009

I’ve recently found a magnificent artist who epitomizes Female domination and male enslavement.  His images  have captured precisely what I envision in My ideal utopia to such a degree I begin to wonder whether we were hatched from the same egg, lol.  It was recently brought to My attention that this other image in particular reminded one of My slaves of Me. I admit, the overall look and attitude are a fair resemblance.
I love how the heads of all Her naked slaves are shaven, stripping away individuality in many of the pictures. So very ideal, in an ideal world. Point your browser to, and you will see captivating images of beautiful, ornately dressed Women being served by their naked, nameless, bruised, and pathetically interchangeable male disciples / victims. *Evil Grin

Happy Birthday To Nanshakh

August 18th, 2009

A very special to a very talented artist, but more importantly, he has been “bitten” by the vision I celebrate so much in My own personal thoughts about the ideal place of males in a world shaped completely under the auspices of Female Supremacy. He is ideal as My personal artist in that he can represent the essence of My visions: the unaffected arrogance, the grace, the haughtiness, the cruelty, and the undeniable intelligence, power, and beauty of no-nonsense Alpha Females who take complete and abject male slavery to the Female for granted—as something they are ordained by nature to deserve. This is why I chose him as My own artist. No other artist to date seems to understand My vision better. You can see the spirit of the Goddess thoughtfully woven into his work: he doesn’t just render fetish scenery; many artists draw and conceive such things, and skillfully so, but Nanshakh takes it far beyond the latex and leather, to the very nature of the relationship itself, depicting males who are slaves and who are miserable beasts of burden for glorious, untouchable Goddesses.
The Women depicted in his art aren’t serving male fetishes: they are knowingly and cruelly using male instincts as the hot, sticky glue that binds them—euphorically and miserably at the same time—to the heels of Women as their slaves. From dark, cheerless galley holds to star ships visiting other planets, Nanshakh’s imaginative scenery is never-ending, but the important thing to look for, beyond the scenery, are the dynamics going on between Females and males, the essence of slavery being depicted in his artwork in a very colorful gamut. The understanding of what it means to be a slave to a Woman: that is the breath of life perpetually represented in his artwork that I celebrate so much. Please take a moment to visit his website and peruse the galleries for strong, dominant Women who served as Goddesses by men who are, in turn, treated like animals—half-starved, fearful, possessionless, and  marked by the whip.

FemDom Fantasy – Nanshakh, FemDom Artist

August 15th, 2009

For many Female Domination is only a spicy, literary fantasy, a fetishistic pastime, a game.  For others, it is as real and serious as life can get because it is their life.  But literary or artistic fantasy can be an effective tool to depict something very real just as humor can be a subtle way of addressing deep questions.  This is precisely the motivation behind Nanshakh’s choice when setting his Female Supremacist saga in a diesel-punk style sci-fi universe, a story purporting an ancient civilization of wise and powerful Women spreading their empire over the Galaxy, unstoppable in their quest to subjugate entire planetary systems one after another to eventually eradicate all remnants of patriarchal barbary.  Here the narrative does not pretend at any form of realism.  On the contrary, it is decidedly entrenched in a fantasy where alien worlds are copycats of our own, where aliens are disarmingly human and even speak English to conveniently dispense with translations.  The deliberate choice to firmly entrench the narrative in an imaginary universe that is about as improbable and caricaturist as the technicolor sci-fi movies of the 1950s is not to relegate Female Supremacy to fantasy, but on the contrary to reflect freely on the hypothetical aspects of a multi millenary civilization of ruthless amazons.  It would be pointless to attempt at a serious utopia of a Women-led empire when we are still loitering in a mostly patriarchal culture on our little planet.  Instead, let’s choose fantasy and even at times humor to let our imagination wander freely on the mundane and anecdotal aspects of a world that would have always been radically and even ferociously Matriarchal.


August 9th, 2009

Dear Saharah:
Why do we like being humiliated? Why is it ok to be degraded by words like “loser” and “worthless” in a scene, but not so good outside of one?

I’ve always found the concept of “humiliation” a bit of a mental tavern puzzle when you get into the nuts and bolts philosophy and psychology of D/s, and I’ve been meaning to share My further thoughts on this subject.   First, I should note two things:
1. Though they can be related, I think there is a difference between “degradation” and “humiliation”.  They may seem synonymous, but I don’t feel they really are.
2. The humiliation and degradation I speak of falls within the realm of lifestyle choice only; it is encapsulated in context of a relationship of some form.
Personally, I prefer degradation over humiliation, perhaps because one is fulfilled by the submissive side of the dynamic by being degraded in a fairly straight forward sense that I can measure more clearly. They are made to be “lower”—to be brought down, to be reminded of station.  From My experience, I find men who value degradation have a need to go beyond the theatrics of just being embarrassed or mocked.
There are many reasons why men fetishize consensual humiliation and degradation in or outside of actual slavery;  both often heighten a man’s feelings and makes him feel connected to the Woman through Her attention and intimacy.  For some men who enjoy transient “scenes”,  their love of humiliation/degradation can be for temporary self-debasement and ego knock-down.   Whatever the recipe or dynamic may be, there is a psychological excitement involved, but the individual is in reality secure to let himself go in a relatively safe environment.
Either way, humiliation, degradation and all the nuances in between are acceptable as they are expressions of some form of intimacy; your desire and feelings for the Woman and the bond it creates—even if transient—gives you internal permission to allow it to happen.  This is a far cry from allowing the entire world permission to degrade and humiliate you.  As I wrote in this post, I like to know My males are pathetic for Me, not pathetic males in general.

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