Artist Tribute: The Wonderful FemDom Artist and Writer: Nanshakh

June 28th, 2009

Very few artists capture the essence of what I truly idealize in regards to the crueler manifestations and glory of Female Supremacy. I often find so-called fetish artists who draw the empowered Domina are just that: artists of fetish. They do not really seem to have much of a spirit or back story to their works, outside of the outfits and the sexual/or sadomasochistic acts themselves. With Nanshakh, we can see something else entirely: males are stripped naked, their heads sheered, their personally defining features muted into degrading interchangeability. They are truly slaves, assigned to filthy drudgery and menial tasks while their Mistresses go about life, radiant, sophisticatedly arrogant and held wrapped in the luxury of comfort and decadence—all at the expense of their slaves, of course. In Nanshakh’s world, Women beautifully divine and are worshiped as such. Men—bruised, lashed and emaciated from a life of labor and minimal care—groveling and scraping for a chance to simply lick a passing Goddess’s heel. They kneel so humbly and cower and pray endlessly to their superiors, enduring cruel torments inflicted upon them by their keepers, who seem more in love with each other than the lowly male creatures around and beneath them.  It’s really no secret I truly admire his style and technique, not to mention his subject matter. It’s likewise no great mystery that I have become his Muse and his Goddess, so perhaps I’m a little biased. 😉
I encourage you to peruse his free galleries and join his member area; you will be greeted by a robust gallery of Female Supremacy and delicious male thralldom.

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