Slave Carpet, Zlita Saga Latest Illustration by Nanshakh

April 23rd, 2009

It is said Sir Walter Raleigh laid his cloak across mud in the street so that Queen Elizabeth could walk over it without dirtying Her feet. While this story may only be a fable, it is a popular image engrained in our memory, nonetheless. Such an act, whether it really happened or not went beyond the idea of typical chivalry: it was selfless and undeniably servile to a Female in power, particularly when we consider how expensive clothing of nobility was back in those times! One did not discard these gilt threads easily, but for the Queen, it was only the right thing to do. We romanticize this idea as an icon of male servility in common culture, but to what extent should a man who is serving his Mistress carry it further? To what extent does Raleigh’s act extend to the devotion of slaves and not simply courtiers?
I think about this when I look quite happily upon My slave’s latest artwork depicting yours truly walking from a temple upon a “red carpet” laid out in Her honor, for the answer is quite obvious in the very lines of this latest work. For the Goddess, males will lower themselves to the dirt, for, ideally speaking, they have not even the luxury of clothing to part from. They are reduced to the status of animals and obedient house pets, as is only fitting. Sauntering arrogantly across their naked bodies asserts without pretense or kid gloves a final truth to the nature between Women and the men who serve them: that males are interchangeable and equal in their slavery to Us, that there is no alpha slave among the interchangeable and disposable. All males will offer themselves up to be crushed by the Goddess equally, without reservation, hope of favoritism, or recognition that they are of any value beyond their base, essential purpose: to comfort a Woman, to make Her life easier, and to grant Females, overall, greater agency. They will gladly condemn their lives into the muck so Our perfumed and painted feet will not be sullied by it.
I see this image as completing the circle, arriving upon the final destination that chivalrous men set aim toward centuries ago: to be selfless, to be servile, and to sacrifice, at the expense of their own comfort and dignity, for the glory and honor of his Queen and of Women, overall. Women are, after all, human beings at their finest. Why should We not be pampered and adored? Why should men not suffer for Us? The imperious Woman, walking with whip in hand across the backs of nameless slaves is the image now complete—it is the core symbol of male purpose which stands for the final destination of the male: to be used and exploited by his Goddess, by the Giver of Life, the Incarnation of Walking Beauty, and thus, the arrogant muse that motivates the male’s libidinous desires to be used and degraded. This is a harmony between opposite elements, where nature triumphs and is, finally, at peace. Only Women who embrace their in-born element of Female without reservation or pretense will know the fruits that come from doing so and realize the weight lifted from delusions of equality with men that rested so heavily upon their shoulders. Likewise, only men who release their egos to grovel and lick the dust at Our feet will come to know true peace and place in the Universe. This is a place where things are not necessarily what they seem. This is a place where tyranny and cruelty is kind and where Her heel upon his head or brought swiftly to his loins brings about catharsis, a reminder of place and of purpose. A reminder of nature and how we cannot escape what we are. The Empress striding across naked and anonymous slaves brings this all quite elegantly into focus and only in the way My slave, Nanshakh, inspired by My essence, can.