Nanshakh's Written and Visual Heroic Fantasies of a FemDom/Female Supremacy World

March 7th, 2009

It’s fairly common knowledge that a portion of BDSM erotica books are written by submissive men who use Female pen names—this makes sense as the stories are male-centric in nature. And what better way to describe a male’s sexual turn-ons than to have the stories written by an author who is himself “male”.

Male authors, in other genres, have also written books under Female pen names, e.g., Harold Lowry, writing under Leigh Greenwood.

A good book is a good book no matter the sex of the author.  That being said, there is one fantastic author of heroic, FemDom/Female Supremacy fantasy who is 100% male and writes as a male.

Not only does he write exciting FemDom fantasy stories, he’s also an artist.  His name is Nanshak.  He’s a man who knows FemDom beyond the dimensions of fantasy— he has lived the daily reality of it.

And not as a fun, fetish-party weekend “slave”; rather, he was a TPE consensual slave.  Thus, when he creates his images, he is doing so from primal understanding and first hand experience.

This minor fact adds a seductive allure to his stories and drawings, and places him in a unique category onto his own.